It's been a slow, steady climb for this Russian Player to Watch

The last WTA tournament match for 2010 was decided between Ana Ivanovic and Alisa Kleybanova. While the seemingly rejuvenated Ana Ivanovic ended her season with a tournament win, I am more intrigued by Kleybanova’s continuing climb uphill among the game’s elite.

For most up and coming stars, winning their maiden WTA tour title could be considered one of the toughest challenges they have to face. A baptism by fire of sorts, Alisa had successfully overcome that the hurdle in Kuala Lumpur last year. To further solidify her status as a serious Tour contender, she followed the title at KL with another in Seoul. Granted that many see the Bali Tournament of Champions as a parody of the WTA Season-Ending Championships, Alisa’s runner up finish is a further testament that she is a player that should not be written off, at least not anymore.

She has already proven that she is capable of performing modestly well in Grand Slams, the ultimate yardstick, at very least of potential, of greatness at most.  Arguably, she has played her best tennis in Melbourne. Fans started taking notice when she beat Ana Ivanovic in 2009 and she has gained a lot of respect with her almost-win over Justine Henin last year. Both matches were three set thrillers that provided a glimpse of what could be.

Her big-hitting playing style has been compared to Lindsay Davenport. The same game has scored her wins against big names like Kim Clijsters, Elena Dementieva and Jelena Jankovic.  She has not achieved enough consistency yet to string big wins back to back.  Consistency is something she has to work on during the upcoming season.

Alisa reached her career best ranking of 22 last season and is currently ranked 25. She often gets lumped together with other players who may not yet be bona fide Slam contenders but have the ability to pull off a breakthrough Slam run or a surprise Premier tournament win. She currently finds herself outside the velvet ropes where it can prove to be temporary, merely a pit stop where she could harness her true potential, or it could prove to be a dead end for decent but not brilliant players.  Thus far through Kleybanova’s career, she’s displayed focus and determination, proving that she can be expected to rise further in the ranks, slowly but surely.

She could of course start overanalyzing herself but she has yet to show any indication that she would falter under the pressure of her continuing success. Injury has unfortunately become a threat constantly lurking in the shadow of modern tennis players and it could be the only real potential obstacle to Kleybanova rising through the ranks of the WTA.

She may be far from being an overnight superstar but Alisa Kleybanova has consistently shown that she deserves to be watched more closely, especially next season. 2011 could prove to be a turning point for the rising Russian.


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Tennis Ball Machines Guideline

Exercise gets ideal. The only manner to master the shots and knocks is to carry on using the stroke of the identical kind time and time again till you become contented. The technique to do this is to exercise with a tennis ball machine.
This tennis ball machine review will tell you that no another person want with enthusiasm stay with you and get 100 tennis balls at you when you do the practice session. No one will be able to throw it at you at the same rate, at the similar many times just so you can perfect one move. You’ll need a good tennis ball machine in this matter.
What do you search in a tennis ball machine?
It largely counts on your demands, as a matter a fact. Yet, the most efficient tennis ball machine to acquire is one that gives you fine range and full control of velocity, time separations, elevation, spins around and vibration. Regardless your stage is, may you be a novice or a pro, you will be able easily line up the machine to your standards. Besides that, different friends of different stage can exercise with it also.
For a novice, what you require to exercise on is precision and to get your tempo in striking the ball. You will ask for a slow and steady pace to warm you up. You can also set your ball machine at different intervals so you won’t be surprised with fast pitches.
If you intend to get things up higher, you may switch on the oscillation with a still moderate speed setting. This way, you can have the feeling of running for  the ball and being prepared for it without the stress of loosing the ball. Once you get habituated, you should bit by bit increment the velocity.
That’s the nice thing about getting a tennis ball machine that is super controllable to fit your asks.
One of this ball machine is the Silent Partner ball machine that has the majority of the configurations that we need. It costs circa $1,400 and to be honest with you, it is already a fine price for a tennis ball machine. There is as well the Tennis Tutor and the Lobster, all of which have the cost a few hundreds higher than the Silent Partner.
Some other tennis ball machine review article may bring you wonderful feeling on the Silent Partner since it is effective machine plus it is not as expensive compared to the another product brands. Anyway, the Tennis Tutor and the Lobster as well own the identical characteristics added with a several additional characteristics. Not too big, anyhow.
That is the cause why you need to take the machine that can give you what you need in only a press of a button. The finest tennis ball machines that you could find are definitely not low-cost thus be certain that you pick the right one for you.
Be assured that you choose one that is in addition easy to transport and reliable. If you are the one who moves around and has to carry the machine with you frequently in a vehicle, better choose something movable or at least something that goes in the automobile. Besides, get something that you can easily carry or pull across courts. For sure, you don’t want to appear haggard just by the assay of carrying your tennis ball machine.

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