Video Tennis Game: Be an Online Tennis Champion

Today it is very easy to play tennis on a court. You won’t believe but this possible, all you have to do is, just enter the virtual world of an online tennis game. This game involves players who play online tennis matches and competitions with each other. Users can choose virtual playing characters to start the game. Most of them are images of famous tennis stars. Here are two options to play online tennis. Firstly the game can be played with the virtual game interface. The computer interface will play the match with an online player. Users can also play online competitions with each other. For this purpose many versions need to make an online users account. The rules of playing will be the same which are seen in offline tennis game. Video tennis is a favorite of all those who love playing it on the court.


Even those who have never played tennis game love to play it online. While playing this game online users feel themselves like being great star players fighting with powerful rackets and online ball. After winning an online competition a user feels happy like being a champion. All games involving the theme of playing online tennis have modern graphics and colorful themes. Many improvements have been seen in versions of all games since last 6 years. Online tennis game also involves one additional feature. Online players can make a virtual avatar of their own to play online game competition with it. Players can play with each other and score high rankings in an online competition of tennis.


Many online Tennis game versions provide practicing the game before starting the real game. Players can practice. Players who are interested to learn playing the real game can learn to hit specific shots. Hey can learn special winning strategies to play and soccer high rankings. Virtual tennis play is such a great fun through which players can learn advanced skills of the game. Great efforts are required for learning and playing tennis on the court. The online sport can be enjoyed by using buttons of the computer keyboard. The left and right arrow keys can be used to move the virtual animated player in consecutive directions. The key pointing in the upward direction can be used to move the player in the forward direction. The online racket of the virtual playing character can be used for hitting by using the mouse or enter button. By using these buttons one can give online service and hit the ball.


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Prince O3 Speedport Red – Tennis Racket Review

The Prince O3 Speedport Red has a 105 square inch head size suited for a wide array of players. Using the Speedport technology, this racket has a quick swing rate that can provide an exceptional mixture of pace & spin.


From the first O3 ports offered to the public in 2005, Prince has re-engineered the previous O3 ports with the innovative and upgraded O3 Speedport. The form, size & position of the holes on the racket have changed with the end result of a much quicker racket.

Due to the racket swiftness through the air you will be able to move into place faster that will permit you to achieve improved connection with the ball and strike smooth and accurate winners.

There are 3 most important improvements that these generous ports have over other rackets:

  • Because ofe ofthe portsgenerous dimension & as they are aerodynamically molded like the air intakes seen on quick autos & airplanes, air slips through them quite effortlessly resulting in drastically reduced drag. In reality, the Speedports cut aerodynamic drag by twenty-four percent!
  • The Speedports permit the strings to shift with entire lack of restrictions raising the sweetspot area by up to fifty-nine percent – Prince currently name the sweetspot a Sweetzone because ofthe area increase. Raising the sweetspot has in addition resulted in improved pace.
  • Big O3 Speedport permits the strings shift without restraint on contact – this releases the energy more efficiently ensuing in reduced vibrations travelling to your hand for a much more improved feel

The O3 Speedport Red also has a changable string dampener. Shift the dampener up & the racket feels much more muffled & balanced. Shift it towardsthe throat & you will acquire extra response & touch.


  • 105 square inch Head area
  • 10.5 oz (298 g) Strung mass
  • Moderate Power Level
  • Quick Swing pace
  • 16 x 19 String Pattern
  • 27.25 inches (69 centimeters) length
  • 1pts Head Light
  • 321 Swingweight
  • 65 Stiffness
  • 23-25-23 mm Tapering Beam Width
  • GraphitExtreme / Copper / Tungsten / Titanium
  • 53-63 Pounds String Tension


The Prince O3 Speedport Red has a very firm & improved touch from the baseline. The racket provides heaps of spin because ofits 16×19 spaced string pattern that helps control those deep shots. With the quicker racket head swiftness, you can really pile a ball with lotsof slice & force your opponent struggle.


This racket has a well balanced touch that provides excellent control whilst serving. This racket would be better with some added head mass to increase the length & pace through the court of a flat serve. Due to the quick racket head quickness plenty of spin was very reachable ensuing in good kick serves.


Due to the light mass & upgraded aerodynamics of this racket, you will obtain heaps of choices whilst facing serve. Many times these oversized and lengthy rackets don’t perform when returning Prince O3 Speedport Red out performs by being very agile permitting sufficient time to assertively return tricky serves.


Surprisingly the Prince O3 Speedport Red provides an successful mixture of agility & touch next to the net. Due tothe light racket mass you can approach the net assertively because ofthe positive feeling this racket provides you in being certain that you will react rapidly. & because ofthe 105 sq. In. Head area you get a very balanced feeling that encourages you to reach for those angles.


  • Prince O3 Speedport Red is a very agile quick swinging racket
  • O3 tech has changed into O3 Speedport which has made the generous holes much more slick and has improved the sweetspot by fifty-nine percent!
  • New aerodynamic design means a quicker racket head rapidity providing you access to extra pace and spin above its predecessor
  • Shifting dampener system permits for a changable touch

The Prince O3 Speedport Red tennis racket suits a large array of players because of its adaptability – very well matched for a good player with a level of around 3 to 5.

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