Advantages of a Two Handed Backhand

Two handed backhands are popular among women tennis players. But, why do some people use a two handed backhand and some use a one handed backhand? There are several advantages as well as disadvantages of using a two handed backhand.

The grip for this shot is similar to the forehand in that it is a forehand grip with opposite hand holding the racket directly above the dominant hand.

Advantages of a two handed backhand

Tennis players use less strength when hitting with a two handed backhand. With a one handed backhand, a player is only getting power from one arm, as opposed to two arms in a two handed backhand.There is also more control.

Using a two handed backhand would be more beneficial if a tennis player wants to generate more topspin in their shots. It is also easier to generate topspin with a two handed backhand.

Another advantage of the two handed backhand is that there is more time for preparation when hitting the ball.

Disadvantages of a two handed backhand

Two handed backhands make low balls more difficult to hit.

There is less reach available to the arms with a two handed backhand. A one handed backhand allows a player to reach farther.

With two handed backhands, it becomes awkward to hit slices. A slice can be done more smoothly with a one handed backhand.

As for which to use, it is best to choose the form that gives you most comfort. If you are more comfortable hitting with two hands, use the two handed backhand. If you are more comfortable hitting with one hand, use the one handed backhand.

These video instructions give more details on how to hit backhands, whether it be a one handed or a two handed backhand. These videos give step-by-step instructions on backhands, and these fundamentals will help you better understand which is best.

Junior Tennis Holidays help kids improve their tennis

tennisJunior tennis holidays

For parents of kids who are enthusiastic about sports such as tennis, a tennis holiday is an ideal way to help your kids master the essentials of the sport and also have a great time!junior tennis

Summer tennis camps offer a tennis holiday which is intensive, helpful and provides hours of focused attention on the techniques of the sport every day. This is achieved through competitive games and personal one on one or small group coaching. Although there are certainly a number of important mental elements to tennis, the emphasis is still primarily on exercising the body, instead of the mind. The term “muscle memory” takes on a new significance, as exercises in fundamental forehand and backhand strokes, power serves, lobs and drop shots are repeated over and over.

Kids are grouped based on their experience and compete with other young players at or a little above their proficiency level – the best way to advance their abilties. Aside from that,a tennis holiday offers opportunities for one-on-one instruction with professionals, something that isn’t always available during the regular school year. Naturally, a significant component of the instruction is strength and fitness training, as better fitness can bring about enhanced performances and increased stamina. This type of kinesthetic learning is frequently supported by training videos and demonstrations, which provides a more visual and interactive way of teaching the body that has been shown to be more useful than wordy lectures.

Tennis is a game of sudden maneuvers and quick decision making, so competitors need to be skilled enough in the various strokes and techniques that their maneuvers come about almost at the reflex level. For instance, if an opponent likes to stand behind the baseline or does not like running, the natural strategy should be hitting a drop shot, which is just what it sounds like – the ball drops rapidly as it flies over the net. Having the ability to respond instantaneously with the best maneuvers involves lots of training which can be gained in an atmosphere of fun.

Since players may have different objectives for bettering their game, tennis holidays will offer a variety of tracks. Some offer tournament school for campers aiming for that level of competition, training camps for middle schoolers aiming for the high school tennis team, and obviously, a more general curriculum for kids at these academies who just want to compete and experience the game.

As it is an individual activity, tennis usually appeals to those young people who prefer one-on-one games. The equipment needs are not expensive- a good racket and a container of balls are essentially all you really need. By offering your child a tennis holiday you are adding valuable skills to the aspiring player.

Shoes Have Different Purposes, Which One Do You Need?


Where would we be without shoes? We would have cold, wet, dirty, sore feet! Shoes can protect feet. They can make it easy to walk in different places, like when hiking, or warm feet, like when walking on cold floor or ground. Part of their protection is from the elements, like snow. There are also specially created shoes that are for a specific purpose like ice skating or rollerskating. 

Various types of shoes

Equestrian Boots are generally built for comfortable riding.

Sports boots are thick, built to protect the wearer if anything happens, and in wintry sports, to keep the wearer warm.

Winter boots are made thick and heavy and warm, to prevent frostbite in the feet, for use in wintry areas. The best have a thick inner layer.

Running shoes are thin and light to allow for good contact with the ground without excess weight. Buy discount running shoes to make sure you don’t get ripped by slick marketing.

High Heels are often worn by women, considered a stylish part of their outfit. They can range from Kittens, very short, to Stilettos, very tall and thin.

Sneakers are flexible, comfortable shoes, popular with school-going children and athletic people.

Sandals are generally worn in summer, but some in the Pacific Northwest are using sandals during other months by throwing some thick socks underneath. 

Tennis shoes are for playing tennis but are also quite usable as walking shoes. Discount tennis shoes are the best way to go, as they usually are a much better value.

The variety of shoes is quite exceptional.  Whether for comfort, warmth, protection, or beauty, there are shoes for everyone.

Parts of a Shoe

Sole The bottom of a shoe. It is made of three parts.

Insole. The section that touches the bottom of the foot.

Midsole. It lies between the Insole and the Outsole and is mainly for shock absorption. Some shoes have two midsoles, and some do not have any.

Outsole. The layer in direct contact with the ground.

Heel. The heel is in the bottom rear part of the shoe and is made to support the heel of the foot. It is often made of the same material as the sole.

Upper. The upper, the top of the shoe, varies from straps on sandals and flipflops, to the more complex and decorated ones on boots, sneakers, and most other closed shoes.

The outer side of a shoe is called the Lateral, and the inside is referred to as the Medial.

Buy Cheap Shoes

Don’t buy expensive shoes, they are often times just slick marketing. Buy discount shoes online to save yourself the money!

Tennis Tips On Approach Shots With A Video Demonstration

Approach shots are often meant to be taken advantage of to win the point over an opponent. This video tennis lesson will provide you a guide and demonstration on how to put away a short ball to win the point. Are you approaching these short balls to win the point against your opponent? Watch the video and read on for a better judgment.

Now for those that would appreciate this demonstration in paragraph form, here it is. It will give you tips of what to do and what to avoid when going after these approach shots.

An approach shot is when your opponent gives you a short ball, causing you to run up closer to the net. The next few tennis tips explain the importance of how putting away these approach shots will give you the advantage over your opponent.

When you approach the ball, be sure to put your weight forward and into the ball. This will give you more power and control over the ball.

The video instruction talks about this particular motion of putting your weight forward and into the ball comparable to thinking of superman taking off or an airplane taking off into the air. There’s an important forward motion from either example. This makes your shot more aggressive and powerful.

It is important to be prepared in the game of tennis. With this said, when approaching a short ball, be sure to have your racket back ready to swing. This will give you more time and a better shot.

Take advantage of the short ball. Do not tap the ball back; be aggressive and put full force onto the ball. Beginners tend to be pushers and think of simply getting the ball back. But to win the point, you have to think about putting away these approach shots.

Another important aspect of this shot would be your footwork. But then again, footwork is the key to tennis. Once you lose your footwork, you’ve lost control of the game.

There are many other factors that could affect your success in hitting an approach shot. Getting critiques on your shots will definitely help in improving your game. You can submit your videos for a free critique to give you an idea on what is correct and what needs improvement. This will definitely help you learn to hit an approach shot with an advantage.

Can You Build a Wimbledon Tennis Champion?

I have had quite a few comments (mainly congratulations) about the photos of Mike and the trophy he got for winning the ITF junior event in Spain a couple of weeks ago. And the number 1 question and comment is whether I could put my finger on any “secret” to this success?

Did I build a tennis champion?

Well, first off let me say that he is not there yet and has a long way to go – we are not talking about Pete Sampras (a model we used), Roger Federer or Rafa Nadal at the moment, but having said that his development has been great.

Now I know exactly where everybody is coming from with their questions. They are really asking “is there anything that you did with Mike that could help me?”

Well I am all for following the trails of success so I put my thinking hat on.

In terms of “the secret”, if I had to single out anything in particular it would be his ability to play good matches that was a big factor.

Since I saw and started working with him at the age of 6 or 7 when he stood out (along with several other kids I might add) as being a good striker of the tennis ball, we started working on (at a low level because of his age) simple strategies that were designed to cause his opponents problems.

Simple things like identifying spaces on the court and hitting the ball to those spaces were fundamental building blocks for him at 8 years old.

Obviously this is only one example but whatever we did had one overall aim – to take whoever he was playing OUT of their comfort zone.

Because let’s face it if you are given a chance to play a match playing on your terms/in your comfort zone, hitting the shots you want to, when you want to hit them you must rate your chances of winning that match as AT LEAST pretty good.

So we worked on trying (as much as possible) to get Mike into this position whilst getting his opponents not hitting their favorite shots etc. (out of their comfort zone), because the bottom line is this – If he was able to do this, his chances of winning were INCREASED!

Or put another way, if his opponent was taken out of their comfort zone, their chances of winning was REDUCED!

Back to the title of this piece.

Well, I don’t have some laboratory somewhere with spare arms and legs lying around waiting to be attached in a Frankenstein styled attempt to build tennis players (now there’s a thought!!), but the one thing that was a conscious action was to implant the basic matchplay strategies that would hopefully allow him to win matches when all else was equal (shots etc).

At the end of the day, tennis is a win or lose sport. There are no draws.
To improve your ranking or rating you have to win tennis matches!
To get promoted in your division or ladder league – you have to win tennis matches.

To go far and even win your Club Championships – you have to win tennis matches!

To become recognized and perceived as a better tennis player you have to win more tennis matches, it’s as simple as that.

So if there is one thing to look at and take away from what was a story about one boys ITF triumph in a foreign country it would be this – Learn more about the process behind winning tennis matches!

You can learn the exact system I used with Mike by going to and looking for the Special Report – Beat All The Tennis Players You Want.

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What Does Winning the World Cup Mean for Spain?

Every four years, the world watches to see who will be the champion of soccer, the most widely played sport in the world. Although preparation begins immediately after the last cup is awarded, for one month, tournaments are won and lost until two teams remain. The only sporting event similar to the World Cup is the Olympic Games. Spain won the World Cup in 2010 with some great results that has affected the country in many positive ways. Spain is enjoying well-deserved fame and glory and it will be interesting to see how the win will affect Spain in the next couple of years.

The World Cup is a competition between the members of the Federation Internationle de Football Association or FIFA, also called the Soccer World Cup or the Football World Cup. Beginning in 1930, the championship has been awarded every four years, with the exception of 1942 and 1946 due to World War 2.

The very first international football match was held in Glasgow in 1872 between England and Scotland. At this time, soccer was mostly played within the United Kingdom. However, as soccer grew more popular with other countries, it was obvious it needed to be an official competitive sport. Originally, it was hoped that soccer could be a part of the Olympics, but due to various reasons, soccer players needed and wanted their own tournament.

In the years between 1934 and 1978, there were 16 teams that competed in the competition. The only exceptions were in 1938 when Austria became part of Germany and in 1950 when Turkey, India and Scotland withdrew from the competition. It was very difficult at this time for teams to travel to different countries and therefore, many teams did not even bother to participate. In 1982, however, the number of teams increased to 24 and again n 1998, the number of teams was increased to 32.

The host of the event has alternated back and forth between Europe and the Americas until 1998. The event was hosted in 2002 by South Korea and Japan, the first year for an Asian country to host the event and also the first year for two countries to collaborate on hosing the event. South Africa hosted the event in 2010 and Brazil will be hosting the 2014 tournament. Only three teams have won the World Cup outside of their continental confederation: Brazil in 1958, 1970, 1994 and 2002, Argentina in 1986 and Spain in 2010.

Due to their their struggles, winning the World Cup was not only a surprise, but a step in the right direction for Spain. Because of the hype surrounding this year’s event, the country was thrown into a whirl of romance, patriotism and homeland security; unlike they have known for quite a few years. Spain has felt a great surge of confidence due to this win that will help mend some of the difficulties and help Spain to keep feeling the pride it has always maintained.

Spanish athletes have risen to the top of many charts in the sports world. No longer playing in dirt fields, the country has finally had a chance to compete head-on with other athletes and prove their strength. Spain has proven her ability to not only compete, but also to win in every sport from biking to tennis to basketball.

Financially, Spain can only benefit from this win. Besides the large amounts of money won from the World Cup, winning the cup can only mean more publicity for the country, team and sport. People will then become more interested in moving to Spain and the economy will feel a much-needed boost. With hope for a brighter future, more businesses will prosper and people will be more willing to put their financial hopes in the country. 20% of the population is unemployed due to their recent recession. Winning the World Cup will hopefully boost spending and give people hope for the future of their beloved country.

Of course, along with winning the World Cup there is world prestige like none other. Patriotism increases, along with world recognition and national pride. The better a country feels about itself, the more people are drawn to it and will want to be a part of it. The percentage of foreigners has increased to 11% of the population, resulting in many new immigrants. This is not a common event in Spain and proves that Spain is becoming a more diverse country, accepting of people from other countries and cultures. Ethnicity is becoming less of an issue here, which is resulting in more people moving into the country and feeling a part of it.

Winning the FIFA World Cup is an honor that Spain will be able to claim for the next four years. During that time, Spain and other countries will be gearing up for the tournament to be held in 2014. It’s unbelievable to consider the amount of energy, time and effort that goes into this even and yet, both team and country will benefit from the winning of the championship. Spain worked hard and they deserved to win. Their country will certainly reap the benefits of their hard work and sportsmanship.

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Watch Regions Morgan Keegan Championships Tennis 2011 Online

The Racquet Club of Memphis in USA is all set to host the Regions Morgan Keegan Championships from the 14th of February, 2011 to the 20th of February, 2011. It is an indoor event and is part of the ATP World Tour. To catch up with the best of tennis watch Regions Morgan Keegan Championships tennis 2011 online on


Register with to start using it to watch Regions Morgan Keegan Championships tennis 2011 online. Once you have registered you can download and install the software available with that is essential to enjoy the championship. The technical support team at will help you out through email, phone or web chat whenever you face any issues. Experience the much awaited Regions Morgan Keegan Championships tournament in High Quality Definition when you access The broadcast of all the singles and Doubles matches will be crystal clear when you use You will soon agree that is the best option to watch Regions Morgan Keegan Championships tennis 2011 online.


Don’t miss out on your favorite tournament even if you are traveling. This is because lets you enjoy all the singles and doubles matches even while you are on the move without the need of any other additional hardware like TV card, cables or antenna. Hence it is ideal and convenient to use and watch Regions Morgan Keegan Championships tennis 2011 online even during travel. Also the interface of is built upon the most widely used and user friendly Windows Media Player technology. You can use this interface of conveniently to watch Regions Morgan Keegan Championships tennis 2011 online. You can customize the screen size to your requirement when you enjoy the Regions Morgan Keegan Championships on


Many top seeded tennis players will take part in this much awaited tournament. The list of players include Andy Roddick, Fernando Verdasco, Gael Monfils, Mardy Fish, John Isner, Sam Querrey, Yen-Hsun Lu and Denis Istomin. The excitement is mounting and the tournament promises to be filled with many interesting moments. Don’t miss out on it and watch Regions Morgan Keegan Championships tennis 2011 online on to find out who is going to be the Champion this year.


This Championship tournament is played on hard indoor grounds. To catch the action live from Memphis and to witness the top seeded players in action all you have to do now is watch Regions Morgan Keegan Championships tennis 2011 online on The current Regions Morgan Keegan Champion is Sam Querrey. Experts predict that Andy Roddick who won the championship in 2002 and 2009 will try to make his mark this year. Will Sam defend his title or will the expert predictions prove true? Or will the debutants Fernando Verdascoof of Spain and Tomas Berdych of Czech Republic prove a tough competition? To find the answers to these questions just log on to from anywhere in this world and watch Regions Morgan Keegan Championships tennis 2011 online.



Watch Regions Morgan Keegan Championships Tennis 2011 Online now by visiting


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