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What are the real keyst to incredible performance?

In this article we’re going to research the area of sporting performance, but you could comfortably apply the same rationales in any area of life. This will explore the area of NLP in sport.

A while ago there was a top world diver who produced the most incredible dives time after time. He won Olympic and world game medals. But , one day he went  to do the dive and something happened – as he left the board he caught himself on the board and completely messed up the dive.

The weird thing was that the next time he did the dive , the same thing happened again !

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you , where you make an error and then it takes a while to get your performance back?

How does this happen?

Well, after he made the error in the first dive, just before he was about to dive again, he’d keep bringing to mind the time he had hit the board.

There is an important principle – your body will follow the last clear set of instructions that your mind has given it!

So if you call back making an error in the past just before you perform the action, you’re in truth programming yourself to make the error again this time!

The real key is to program your mind with perfect performance – train your mind so your body will follow.

Having been coaching using NLP with sports people for over 15 years , and running NLP trainings in North London and internationally , I have found a variety of techniques that actually help sports people get the edge in their performance.

The following steps can really help people better their performance.

1: Take a moment to relax and close your eyes

2: Imagine a movie in your mind of someone performing the behaviour that you want to do perfectly – keeping running this movie viewing what they are doing in as fine detail as possible

3: Now play the same movie again, however now imagine it is you doing the activity, but with exactly the same behaviours as the expert . Keep running this movie until you can see yourself in detail performing the behaviours excellently

4: The critical stage – re-run the movie again, but this time float into the movie so you are experiencing it as if it is happening at the moment – so imagine looking through your own eyes, seeing hearing and feeling everything. Experience what it feels like and what it is like looking through your own eyes doing this great performance. Really experience the feelings in your muscles as you run through the performance

5: If you need to make any other changes ,  go back to step 2 and keep running through the steps until it is just right

When you visualise the activity , you will be strengthening the neural connections internally that help you perform the activity more easily next time .

Outstanding performance is not just about physical practice, but also mental training , and and these are some ways to get there .

Many athletes attend our NLP Trainings in North London and internationally and find that these steps make the critical difference.

Tennis World Performance Club

A tennis team from the Tennis World Performance Club in Middlesboro, UK are currently in the Costa del Sol playing a series of matches against local clubs.

The team, under the superb guidance of Nigel Garton, Director of Coaching, consists of 15 boys and girls aged between 12 and 17 years.

Ably assisted by  fellow  coaches Libby Fletcher and Gary Malone the team are testing their skills against local boys and girls from Bel Air, Miraflores and Sotogrande tennis clubs.

The visiting team are based in Marbella and have benefitted from the superb clay court surfaces at the Puente Romano Club for their practise sessions.

These future tennis stars have been subjected to a daily strenous regime of training, fitness conditioning and coaching all under the watchful eye of Jenny Garton who is preparing a daily menu of a nutricionally balanced diet for active young sports people.

The tour ends on Wednesday 22nd December when they return to the UK in time for a well earned Christmas break with their families.

Well done all of you for taking part and playing some great tennis !

Leominster Tennis Club

leominster Tennis Club

A group of six ladies from leominster Tennis Club in the Uk recently spent a week playing tennis and enjoying the sunshine on the Costa del Sol.

Accompanying Coach Jenny Ellerton conducted the morning coaching session where the ladies worked on various aspects of their game.Tennisinspain {aka] arranged afternoon matches and mix -ins for the ladies throughout the week. These games were arranged at Miraflores tennis club beside the villa where the ladies stayed .

Something they appreciated after a hard mornings tennis!!

The owner of Miraflores Fernando Gill commented on how much the ladies had improved even with their short stay. This was significant as the ladies did not have much experience playing on clay.

To take a welcome break from the tennis… Tennisinspain arranged an excursion day where the ladies were taken to Ojen a typical white Andalucian  village for a tapas lunch and a few [some more than others] drinks. A visit was also organised to the old Quarter in Marbella where the ladies were keen to purchase some local produce.

As requested a visit was also organised to nearby Puerto Banus just to rub shoulders with the rich and famous for an afternoon.

Most evenings were spent at the luxurious villa accommodation arranged by Tennis in Spain or savoring local cuisine at the many local bars and restaurants in the area.

At the end of a very active week Jenny arranged a fun challenge event to round off the week. here are some of the comments from the ladies at Leominster Tennis club.

“Absolutely delighted with our tennis holiday at beautiful Miraflores. Tony was a brillant host and organizer. nothing was too much trouble”

Sally Lansdale

“A great tennis holiday with a great host who made us all feel welcome. A real plus was the club where there were great coaches and also the opportunity to play with other players. This was great fun and I learnt allot”

Debra Davies

” A perfect tennis holiday especially as we were blessed with great weather”

Sally Deakin

“Well organised and a great tennis club with well kept clay courts. friendly members with a high standard of tennis coaches as well as fun mix in sessions for all ages and standards”

Jenny Ellerton

Tennis Serves

Serves are an important part to anyone’s tennis game. Your serves will set the tone for the match, because if you cannot win games with your serve, it will be a tough match. It is to your advantage to have a strong serve. It is also beneficial to be able to surprise your opponent with different types of serves.

Take a look at this video for an idea of what these different types of tennis serves are that you can implement into your tennis strategy.


Just to give you a better idea, read on for more information about each different type of serve.

Flat Serve

These tennis serves are simple and easy to replicate. This is a power serve in which no spin is used. You will want to use your legs for momentum and push forward through the ball. In this case, it is important to bend the knees and snap the wrist after being in contact with the ball. This will bring the serve down and avoid serves from going out.

Top Spin Serve

The goal of the top spin serve is to have net clearance so that the serve is higher over the net for the ball to not land into the net. The motion used on this serve is a “brush up” motion, which can be thought of as tracing one’s head from the neck to the forehead. With this motion, you are brushing against the top of the ball at contact.

Slice Serve

The slice serve is a more accurate serve, which has a high difficulty level for opponents to return. The motion you want to use would be as if you are throwing a dart forward. This serve has a special type of sound to it that sounds like a “click”. This motion is almost lik ea top spin serve, but you are brushing against the side of the ball versus the top.

Under Spin Serve

This under spin serve is also known as the under hand serve. Most beginners like to use this when playing their first few matches. The motion is a lot easier to learn as compared to the serves discussed above. The under spin serve has extreme spin on it and can be done without extra movement of the legs. If you are having issues with your leg cramping up in matches, you can use this serve to your advantage. It also gives you the advantage in that it is not that easy to return.

Kick Serve

The kick serve is a special serve that initially bounces and “kicks” to the opposite side. By “kick” I mean that the ball looks like it will bounce in one simple direction, but it actually bounces to the opposite side. This serve is used to throw off the opponent and keep them guessing as to where the ball will bounce. If you can master this serve, you will definitely have the advantage when it is your serve during the match.

Be sure to check out my how to serve a tennis ball page to better understand the fundamentals of serves in order to master these types of tennis serves. Also, take advantage of the free critiques page to submit videos of your serves to be critiqued for improvement suggestions. Good luck with your tennis serves!

Etcheberry Tennis Training Equipment Product Review

The Etcheberry Equipment Package Tennis tools are the ideal solution for someone who is embarking to get more resolute about their game, and need a comprehensive set of tennis practice equipment. The individual kit includes a number of tennis training aids that are designed to bring a serious exercise routine to any player. A lateral resistor, medicine balls and a power resist system bring a core workout to the table.

Nevertheless, the kit isn’t so general as to leave out more dedicated pieces of tennis training equipment. As an example, it offers a movement mat that helps with specific agility training drills. A set of six flex cones adds to this part of the training plan. By and large, the kit tries to offer a complete set of tennis practice equipment in a single package.

If that weren’t enough, the fact that Pat Etcheberry is backing the set should really make heads turn. It’s perfect for anyone who’s aiming to really up his or her routine, and who better to do so than a trainer like Etcheberry?

The one issue to the kit is that many novices won’t understand how to adequately use all of this innovative equipment. That’s why it’s lucky that the set gives the chance to order a DVD set with it. Viewing it, and performing with the fitness tools are  of the same quality as having a private trainer.

Of course, the set is just as good in that environment. In fact, a group kit can be acquired that includes an extra set of some of the items found in the individual kit. These could be put to very good use in experienced environments, where a crafty veteran might be able to teach those young players a thing or two. Currently, the individual set is being made available at a exceptional price of $233, while the group kit has been reduced to $489. With a player’s DVD set, the individual kit  comes to only $329. This isn’t much, taking into account just how essential these tennis training aids are to the game.

Lobster Elite Freedom Ball Machine Review

The lobster tennis ball machine is the best device out there especially since it is very portable and battery powered. The battery should supply power for two to four hours; giving the player the freedom to travel almost anywhere with it. This tennis ball machine has a set of oversized casters which makes it easy to move even though it weighs 35 pounds. The machine can do a lot while still carrying a hopper full of 150 balls.

The Lobster Elite Freedom is very well priced for the class of tennis ball machine that it is. Than comparable models, it is far lower, at only 799 USD. It is important to note that there are some negative aspects to consider. Topspin and backspin shots will not be fed by it. The fact that the lobster is portable makes up for any other short coming. An excellent horizontal oscillation system is encorporated in the elite freedom to keep the players on their toes.

The system allows the machine to lob the ball over a lengthy screen at the court. This is much more similar to the manner in which most people play that sport. However, a machine can never take over for a human tennis player, but there are some advantages. 

Unlike a person, the Lobster Tennis Ball machine can continue throw balls and not tire. It will run until the battery charge is depleted. The machine has not yet haven to take a durability hit. The lobster was made to last, even when on the go. The lobster is quite durable, but that doesn’t mean that one should beat on him on purpose.

If you are looking for a easy to obtain tennis training aid, the lobster tennis ball machine is a good choice. Starting below $800, coaches and even individuals can be in the loop. While most machines cost thousands of dollars, the lobster holds great value.

Abdoninal Training Exercises

Effective Abdoninal Training

Whether you’re talking just about a sculpted six-pack or an hourglass figure, the ab muscles play a pivital role in keeping us looking – and feeling – health. The ab muscles exercises are important at maintaining good core strength conditioning.  But keeping them in tip-top condition can be frustrative. The muscles we referto as the abs, or “abs,” are actually a Grouping of six muscles that extend from the spin around the sides to the front of the body. And though a well-toned set of abs can make us look good in even the most form-fitting attire, keeping these muscles fit also plays a decisive role in maintaining good posture, preventing back pain, and even easement breathing.The key to an productive ab exercise program is to devise a routine that tones and strengthens all six muscles, and to perform those exercises the right way.


Exercise program

The following exercise program can form the core of a comprehensive exercise program that will tone and strengthen all six muscles of the abdomen, improving your posture, strengthening your back, and whittling and defining your waist and stomach.

The Bicycle
· Lie flat on your back; braid your fingers behind your head
· Bring your knees toward your chest and lift your shoulders off the floor
· Straighten out your right leg and bring your left elbow joint toward your right knee
· Switch sides and repeat, in a “pedaling” motion
· Continue alternating sides for 10 to 15 reps

Vertical leg crunch
· Lie flat on your back and stretch your legs vertical, crossing them slightly at the ankles; arms at your sides
· Squeeze your abdominals and lift your shoulder blades off the ground
· Keeping your legs still, contract your abs and imagine bringing your spine up to meet your belly button
· loosen your abs and lower your shoulder blades
· Repeat for 10 to 15 reps

Long arm crunch
· Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and extend your arms right out over your head, with elbows at your ears; clasp your hands
· Contract your ab muscles and slowly lift your shoulder blades off the ground
· Keeping your abs tight, slowly drop your shoulder blades to the floor· Repeat for 10 to 15 reps

Get the most out of your routine by focusing on the muscles as you work them, squeezing them gently as they contract to reproduce the effect of the training. And use a foam mat or folded towel to cushion your back.

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