Who is the best tennis player of all time?


Tennis is played by both sexes, and both are known to have done well.

When played by a lone player, he or she could win the Grand Slam.

Alternatively, it could be played in a pair.

This variant is known as ‘doubles’, which have a mixed version too.

 When asked to choose the best tennis player of all time, you will surely come up with names of Ilie Nastase, Pete Sampras, Margaret Court, Roger Taylor Manuel Orantes, Martina Navratilova, Rod Laver, Arthur Ashe, Roger Federer and Steffi Graf. To identify just one as the greatest is a demanding job, and therefore it is important to judge how each one stands out from the rest.

 For example, Ilie Nastase became renown, because he was a spanish tennis player, and the Spanish love a showman like Ilie Nastase. Consequently, he became the most fascinating player of Spain. Arthur Ashe, being black, had to face a lot of prejudice from the Americans. At that time, black people were not free to use dressing rooms of some tennis clubs in the US. However, he was not to be discouraged.

He trained hard and his skills on the court elevated him to the highest rungs of tennis in USA. Rod Laver is a tennis player who won four Grand Slam titles in a year. He won them both in 1962 and 1969. What is special about him, is that he is a great shooter. In any complex situation, he could come up with the most implausible and least expected shot you could think of. He is the most skiled shot maker.

 If we were to examine the players of the old days, then we would surely think of Lew Hoad. He won every game with the smallest score. His hits would be the hardest. Then you could think of the invincible Pancho Gonzales. He almost never lost a game. Even though, when he did, he always remained optimistic of a win in the next game.

The fact that Pete Sampras and Roger Federer are among the greatest tennis players gifted with flawless manners, while on the court or off it, is inquestionable. Roger Federer has 16 Grand Slams wins and Sampras has 14 wins on his account. Considering women, we could list Margaret Court, Martina Navratilova and Steffi Graff.

All of them are professional tennis players. Their play is merciless and they provided top-level shows for their followers. Fluid movements combined with sharp play marks Maria Ester Bueno from Brazil. She is the most elegant player to grace the tennis courts. Moreover, she has charmed the public with her grace. To this list, you could also add Roger Federer. Steffi Graf is a very tasteful loser. She tops the list of best players.

Even her failures attributed to ill health are acknowledged by her with grace. Tennis is a discipline that has a variety of tournaments each year. There is the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open.

Players are classified according to their competitiveness, the quality of their performances, and the number of victories. Moreover, you can find the ranking published in the media. The ranking system itself does not really give you a clue about the player’s skill. It depends on the number of games that have been played and for how long the player has played. If you retire early, then your ranking will be far below.

 If you have played for many years, your ranking will top the list. Therefore, it is a fallacy to imagine that the list will tell you the competences of a tennis player. Every player has a style of his or her own.

 Classifying the players only by the rankings is not enough. Consequently, choosing the best tennis player of all time basing on the ranking system will be inadequate.

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English to french translation please. Only NATIVES/EXPERTS no internet translations please…?

Last week, I went to the cinema and I watched a film. It was really good because the actors performed well.
Normally, I go to the park and play tennis because it keeps me fit. I think it is important for people to be fit so they can live a long life.
Next week, I will go swimming and help my parents in the garden.
Last year I went to Spain and I had a great time because the weather was fantastic! We built a sand castle and went to the beach every day!
My school is big, quite old and has 1200 students (girls). My school is great because the teachers are fantastic and we learn a lot.
When I’m older, I want to be a doctor because I think it is important to help people.
In the weekend I go shopping for shoes! I love shoes and clothes!
It isn’t hwk, it’s for my penfriend…my french is not too great and i’d love it to be perfect =]

How do I get an OLDER guys attention?

ok, i like this guy he is older than me his turning 20 this year he is my mates tennis teacher and i see him everyday but i never talk to him.I see him look at me and my group a few times when we walk in the court.A few days ago (i’m from Valencia in spain) my village and we were cooking Paella in the street (hundreds of us) and him and his mates came and sat and made a paella next to us and i saw him looking over at me but i don’t know if he was staring bcause he was wearing sun glasses. Anyway could i get some advise on how to get his attention on ME. please!!
Yes he is single.
i’m 15-16 yeras old

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