I live in Sweden and need help translating this. My spanish teacher is from spain so please tell me if you speak in another dialect.
( btw, this text is about what i did during the summer holidays)

On the very hot days of summer i sometimes went to my friends house to play tennis and then later on water balloon fights. At the days the weather was bad i stayed home reading a book or watching a movie. I watched a ton of movies, both scary and funny. The best one was probably "Green Mile" whith Tom Hanks. I also helped my mother with laundry and cleaning when i didnt have anything to do. Something cool i got to do during this summer was driving a car. My father let me drive at night when there were no cars around, but only for a little while. During the summer was my birthday, so i got lots of presents from my family and friends. That was the best part of my summer.


Where can we go on holiday in late August/ early September for 2 weeks?

I’d like to go on holiday with my girlfriend in late August/ early September for 2 weeks – it will be our first holiday together. We’re both in our early 30’s. Would love to go somewhere that has good weather (maybe a beach but not essential), somewhere with history/ culture, perhaps somwhere with sites of significant historic interest, somewhere beautiful and romantic, maybe with good food/ restaurants/ bars. We both enjoy walking/ playing golf/ tennis. Could even be to a particular region as don’t have to stay in the same place, but could move around.

Best sporting nation in the world?

I have just made a table of all nations considering the latest world rankings of the main team sports: football, basket, rugby, cricket, volleyball, hockey (incl. ice), baseball, handball and water-polo. I didn’t put tennis (davis cup) as it is still individual sport.
I gave higher score for more popular sports worldwide (i considered how many countries take part in main events and how many members has each association. Well here it is (top 15). Does it respect the true current value?
1. USA
2. Spain
3. Argentina
4. Italy
5. Australia
6. Germany
7. Russia
8. Brazil
9. Serbia
10. France
11. England
12. New Zeland
13. Holland
14. South Africa
15. Croatia.
Uk is not 11th. England is. They just got points with footie, cricket and rugby.
USA, australia and argentina are more complete.
My method.
Take the latest world rankings and give points top to bottom.
Football and basket (biggest team sport in the world after football, by number of countries associated and members per nation) are given more points, slightly less for rugby and others. While cricket is yes played by over a billion (yeah, convenients..indian population) but it’s just 12 nations worldwide. With this reasoning i can say that table tennis is hugely popular because is played by over a billion. (china). Even volleyball counts more nations and members than rugby. Just google them.
Obviously I have given less points to other minor sports.
Italy is above of Australia due to their high rankings in Fooball, volley and basket with appearances in waterpolo and rugby. Australia is not a big nation in football and basket, that’s why.
See, spain is 2 because they WIN in football and basket, the major sports I considered. Again, i included only Team sports. I understand that it will never be perfect or ideal, but i was just trying to get a realistic scenario of performance by nations. I was actually expecting to see australia and argentina top when i started calculating.
By reading the comments i really get worried about how all sports events happening outside uk are skimmed through the media depending on their popularity. I can guarantee you that cricket is unknown all around the world (except that 12 nations) as i can guarantee you that volley is really popular, but you won’t believe it until you ditch daily mail, go around the web and do some search.

How happy are you that Rafa is the Aussie Open Champion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D?

I am soooooooo happy !!!!
I can’t stop smiling ahaaa !! 😀
Grandslam winner on all surfaces !!!! Wooooooooooooooo !!
Rafa played amazing tennis and so did Roger !!
It was a shame when Roger started crying at the trophy presentation 🙁
But I’m soooooooooo happy !!!!! Wooooooooooooooo !!!
He did it just for your birthday 😉
I’m gonna go on msn now and annoy certain people who said he wouldn’t win it ahaa !!
C ya on there !! I’ve got homework but I’m way too happy to concentrate on it haha 😛

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