Are sports competitors now better than what they were before?

Sportsmen have frequently been a product of their age.

If you return to the 1900’s you had enormous barrel chested strongmen lifting up sofa’s with tons of people sitting on them. Now even in golfing you can see executives who have ripped arms, robust backs and quads and muscular pecs. This is the product of modern training and strength conditioning.


If you hark back to Arnold’s golden age of bodybuilding in the early to late 70’s. He was giant, great even compared to most of the other bodybuilders. But today if you saw him on stage beside one of the top 50 pro’s he would look seriously under developed.


Though bodybuilding has always had the closes link to steroids of any sport, the diet and training routines has gotten extremely howdy tec.

Runners have got faster, power lifters have got stronger, tennis players have gotten harder, and football has gotten much quicker. But does that mean today’s sports stars are much better than during the past?


Well such a lot of it has risen out of the psychology, supplements, and modern thinking in coaching, rest and recuperation. But if you look at how dedicated Bjorn Bjorg was, how single minded Arnold and Franco Colombo was, or the skill that Pele or George Best had, there isn’t any doubt in my mind these sportsmen would have excelled today.


Much of today’s sportsmen are a product of science and marketing grants as much as anything. The sportsmen in the decades gone by still had the determination and dedication to break all the prior boundaries set before them, so there’s no doubt in my mind they would be exactly the same today.

Sport and training is after all in the mind. If someone asserts you can not do it, you are gonna go out on a limb and prove them wrong. That’s the reason why records will always be broke, that is the reason why the boundaries of speed, strength and guile will always be challenged.

Tips to take care of your tennis court.

Being able to play a game of tennis whenever you want is a

great feeling, whither it’s for you or your residents.


There’s no greater joy for a tennis player than to have their own tennis court

. Windscreen, net posts, play surface, it all comes together for a great place for a match. But having your own court also requires a lot of extra work to ensure that it stays in great shape for years to come. Look over these tips to help keep your court on its game.

Keep your Court Clean – It’s important to make sure that your court is clear of debris and dirt that can cause premature deterioration of surfaces. Use the recommended push broom and/or water broom for your court’s surface type and remember to take care while sweeping and scrubbing. You don’t want to damage your court accidentally!

Clean Regularly – Set up a schedule that works best with your court’s surface type. Usually you’ll want to look over your court thoroughly every month. Be sure to check for any built up debris, signs of cracking, developing depressions or bubbling/blistering on the play surface. Any vegetation growing on or too close to the court surface should also be treated with a systemic herbicide. It’s also a good time to make sure that your nets and windscreens are in good shape and not over-tensioned to avoid additional damage to the posts and fence.

Beware of Water – Water poses a hazard to your play area. After cleaning make sure the area is dried thoroughly before playing. You’ll also want to avoid over-irrigation around the edges of your court. Taking too long between cleanings can result in stains or watermarks on your court surface and mar the appearance of the court.

Consider Fencing the Area – If you have a lot of nearby foot traffic you may wish to consider fencing in your court. This will help to keep unnecessary traffic off your court from unwelcome visitors, both human and animal alike. It also gives you other potential add-ons you can use for both play and daily maintenance, such as tennis windscreens

Invest in a Windscreen – Windscreens have a few helpful uses. The right color can help you track your ball better and aid in blocking out distractions from the environment. They also give the benefit of filtering out some of the debris that blows onto your court so you don’t have to sweep off the surface as much.

Take Care of the Court Surface – Skateboards, non-tennis shoes, maintenance equipment, all of them need to stay off the court if you want it to last a long time. These can damage the surface and result in costly repairs. You will also want to consider placing pads under any chairs or seating to avoid gouges in the surface.

Fix Open Cracks ASAP – With winter around the corner this is important! Water can freeze inside these cracks and cause extensive damage to your court surface. It’s better to get them filled properly by a professional early than to have to re-do your entire court after a few years from carelessness.

Always look into the recommended care instructions for your equipment and court surface. Keeping a regular maintenance regimen and taking good care of your court will ensure you can enjoy tennis throughout the years!

Investing time into your court will ensure you, or your residents can continue to play for years without worry. tennis court windscreen For more products designed to make your court last feel free to check this website.

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Skills in Tennis

In order to win in a game like Tennis a lot of particular skills are required.

Some of the skills may have picked up in other sports and some skills are exclusively picked up through playing tennis. There are five skills that will help you in becoming the most successful tennis player you can be.

Your ball judgment should be wonderful.

That is the first important thing in Tennis. It is best to pick up this skill before you finish your teenage hood. Otherwise it is very hard to pick up. You need to know where the ball is going to go, and where you must hit. If you can do this, tennis will be very enjoyable. Otherwise playing tennis can be a pain and you will find yourself wanting to quit very quickly.

Then balance is very important for a tennis player. Balancing skills will be there in all human beings. Think for a while, how many times you have lost your balance accidentally and still recovered. In tennis, you are moving quickly, coming to sudden stops, and then moving again. On the floor balance is important or you will find yourself in no time. However, if your balance skills are not up to par, they will improve as you play more and more tennis.

Hand-eye coordination, needless to say, is important in tennis. When the ball is coming to you, it is your hand-eye coordination that will determine how you hit the ball. Likewise to ball judgment, hand-eye coordination is a skill that children will learn much faster than adults. There are players who have natural hand-eye coordination, and then there are those who need to practice excessively to master it.

As any other skill mentioned footwork is also an important skill. You should be able to distinguish between different stances, or else you will find your shots and returns not as you want them. Most of the people get on the court and just hit the ball like no tomorrow, not even considering their stance. This is a big fault, and your stance will make all the difference in your game.

Concentration is the last important skill in Tennis. It is a game in which the player needs more concentration. I you are not able to concentrate then it is not your game. You will lose the game after your game. It is a game of back and forth, and with no concentration, you will make big mistakes on the court.

Which tennis player would you like to……?

A. Sleep with….
B. Have dinner with….
C. Go to the cinema with….
D. Go on holiday with…. Im pretty bored 😛 Just a bit of fun hehe
haha Great answer djokerfan 🙂 love it. the seats for big dave aha. Well yeah one answer per lol it doesnt matter 😛 its quite hard to chose just one for each…!

For me
A. Rafa 🙂
B. Gilles Simon.
C. Roddick
D. Rafa 🙂
Id also like to add Safin, Federer, Verdasco, Ferrer, Lopez, Almagro, Moya and Blake into some of those categories aswell 🙂 !
yeah im excitied, it would be nice for nadal to regain the title here im happy if he gets to the final and earns more points, because he lost to novak in semi`s last year, its still a while to go dont no if its gonna be a nadal/federer final…we shall see.
Ok excited*

Have you ever been to Turkey on holiday? Could you recommend a resort?

We are three single adults going on the 1st July for 2 weeks. I have been looking at a few resorts in Kemer but am struggling to find any 3-4-5* holiday packages left.

Am now looking at Antalya (really want Kemer as it seems alot nicer). But havn’t gotta a clue what to look for. Am not bothered about an all english resort. Just good facilities like tennis court, gym and by the beach etc and without being overwhelmed by loads of pensioners and screaming kids.

Is Bodrum or Marmaris the better option ???????

Looking to fly from the midlands if possible. Need to book ASAP

Have 10 juicy points for the finest answer!


Have I just bought Men's or Women's tennis shorts?!?

Just been to Bourne Sports in Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire today.

Seen these white running-style tennis shorts for just £1 so thought as they are a bargain, I couldn’t resist them as they looked good and though would be ideal for holiday.

They are styled just like running shorts where the front and back curve at the sides to form a slight split and notch.

They are quite short, just like sprinter’s or marathon running shorts.

Also, they have 2 side pockets, a rear pocket with HI-TEC and the hi-tec logo sewn on in purple.

Also the word Court in blue followed by a thick purple line underneath and then the word Classics in blue then a thick purple line then a thin purple line then the logo HI-TEC sewn in fluorescent orange.

The material is made of Polyester and Cotton. The lining also features a pocket for coins and keys.

They have an elasticed waist with drawstring cord on the inside of them.

If I can email the pic to you, you can decide for yourself. Thanks.
As I have already said to someone else, the shorts are not written as being a woman’s size like a 10, 12 etc but are written as a S for small and also on the label it says: To Fit Waist 30-32". This sorts of suggests that they are men’s but the colour scheme with the fluorescent orange and the bright purple makes them look like they would appeal more to women.

Also, they are quite old. The label says they are from the 1992-93 season so maybe men did used to wear tennis shorts the length and style of running shorts back then, but then maybe also did women. Whatever the fashion was at the time.

Like I said, they are standard length and standard style/cut running shorts for men but talking to a few people about them, I reckon due to the age of them, the style and the way the size is expressed on them as Small and 30-32", then I am now inclined to think they are men’s, not women’s, but if you feel differently about them, please get in touch.

I recently contacted the manufacturers, Hi-Tec response and it seems like they are definitely men’s. Here is their response:

HI Stuart

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm that they are mens shorts.


Hi-Tec Sports UK Ltd
Aviation Way
Southend on Sea
Essex SS2 6GH
Tel: 01702 541741
Fax: 01702 547947

The primary reason why tennis players do not get better.

Most tennis players find that their game plateaus at some particular point.

This will occur after 1 or 2 months, or after a few years.

This is a major source of disappointment for many players, and I think one of the most significant reasons why players leave the game even though they like it.

Why does a degree of stagnation settle into the game of most players? Why is tennis improvement such an evasive idea?

In my personal experience and after working with many tennis players, what I have come to realise is that we have a deep resistance to change in life. Tennis is truly just a mirror for how we are living in general. Since we resist change in life so often , we will often resist change on the tennis court as well.

It can feel clumsy and uncomfortable modifying our strokes or techniques with the aim of taking our game to the next level. We’d often prefer to just stay comfortable in what we all know, although it is obvious that it is not to our larger advantage to do so. Improving in tennis requires constant adaptability and an eagerness to embrace the unknown. This necessarily connotes getting out of our comfort zone and working with new ideas, methodologies, and strategies.

In tennis, it’s frequently helpful to think in terms of short-term sacrifice for long term gain. Be happy to shake it up and try out some new things, whether or not it briefly makes your game worse. This is particularly true if you play a lot and you’re finding that your game just isn’t progressing as you would hope.

On another level, it’s helpful to give up our expectations of how we should play and our attachment to improving. It’s oftentimes this very attachment that’s leading us to stay stuck where we are. Develop an attitude of curiosity in relation to game instead of frustration. This will do wonders for your progress!

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