Rafael Nadal And His High Quality Tennis Shoes

There are many different types and levels of tennis equipment. At the beginning levels especially, tennis shoes can be particularly unfit for professional or competitive play out on the courts.

The sport of tennis requires tough and high intensity lateral movement. This kind of motion requires the best support possible from a pair of tennis shoes. Support like this can be achieved through a good design, but good material with reinforcement is also necessary.

Top ranked players on the ATP tour know all about the importance of good tennis shoes. The Rafael Nadal shoes are one of the most popular footwear items available today. Finding a high quality pair of tennis shoes can be easy if you can afford it. The Nike Air Court Ballistec 3.3 will run you about $120.

A great pair of tennis footwear isn’t the cheapest item you’ll buy, but there are extra benefits to them. Playing tennis in normal shoes for more than a few hours will quickly teach you why. High quality court footwear offers a level of support and durability that you can’t find anywhere else.

Professional level tennis shoes like the ones worn by Rafael Nadal also effectively utilize ventilation. Many shoes will fail to recognize the need for such a feature, but in tennis this can be extremely important. Sweat becomes trapped in the shoe and can’t get out if there are no holes or mesh.

Those in the market for high quality tennis shoes should consider the pairs worn by Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. These professionals have made their careers by consistently making good choices, one of which is always using the best tennis shoes. High level competitors take special care when selecting the tennis shoes they wear.

You should always be ready to pay the extra amount for quality. No one wants to pay top dollar for a pair of shoes, but this is an investment. One good pair of tennis shoes can last almost 3 times as long as a regular pair.

If you’ve had enough of low quality shoes, check out the Rafael Nadal shoes today. One of the other best sellers is the Adidas Barricade 6.0.. Free reprint available from: Rafael Nadal And His High Quality Tennis Shoes.

Improve your volley and have a great smash!

Improve Your Tennis Volley and Have a Great Smash

You’re involved in a long rally, side to side across the court, and you sense that you’re gaining the upper hand. You create an opening, play a good approach shot and run to the net to finish off the point. And then you dump the volley into the net!

Sound familier? Very frustrating, isn’t it? Well, it needn’t be. You’re probably missing your volleys because you’re not KEEPING YOUR RACQUET HEAD UP and moving forward into the volley.

Good volleyers from the men’s tennis circuit like John McEnroe, Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker, and more recently Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic all had one thing in common when they played a volley. They never allowed the racquet head to drop, maintaining a strong wrist, ensuring a high success rate. If they were forced to play a low volley, they always bent their knees so that their racquet head stayed up.

And you should do the same. The next time you’re practising your volley, either before a match or just during a training session, make sure that you are on your toes, move forward, and most importantly, KEEP YOUR RACQUET HEAD UP!

You’ll never miss another important volley again.

So how do we develop a great smash?

Lets look at a common scenario…..

You´re playing a tournament, or just a friendly competitive game with your opponent. You spend a few minutes hitting groundstrokes from the baseline, move up to the net and hit volleys, a few smashes and then return to the baseline to practice your service.

But, during the match, you find you miss 5 or 6 smashes and wonder why? Well, it´s because you’re neglecting to practice your smash!

You should dedicate the same amount of time to practicing your smash and service as you would for your groundstrokes. Your smash is a point winning shot and should be practiced accordingly.

Although you still use the same grip and stance as you would when you serve, the smash requires a lot more foot movement, both sideways and forewards / backwards to get into the correct position. And if it´s windy or the sun is shining in your face, it´s even harder to make a good smash.

So, the next time you´re practicing, ask your practice partner to spend at least 10 minutes each practicing your smash. You may need to take turns more often as it can be tiring, but the rewards will be there to see the next time you have a point winning smash to make!

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