Tsonga beats Raonic in longest ever Olympics tennis match

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Which of these 4 would be your favourite character?

Asked: Which of these 4 would be your favourite character?

Rory- his real name is Riordan Dominic Callera-Ryan. He is 17 and lives with his mother, siblings and step siblings and his stepfather as well as the other 3 characters. He is determined to go into the navy like his step-father, with who he shares a close relationship. He is witty, smart, devoted and protective. But he is also quick to anger and snaps sometimes. He is tall and quite built, with reddish-brown hair down to his ears, dark grey-brown eyes anda strong jaw as well as hands. He is popular at school and is very sporty, he also practices martial arts.
Jeremy- Jeremy Edwards is his name. He is seventeen and is a little bit of a geek. He is very good with his schoolwork, especially Maths and the sciences. He also has a live of computers. He is shown to be reasonably close to Rory but hasn't got many friends. He is average height and skinny. He has pale skin, dark green eyes and curly dark brown hair.
Kate- Kate Wilhem is sixteen and a half. She is average in absolutely everything. She is ok looking with shoulder length mousy hair and small light brown eyes. She is just below average height and is a little chubby. She is not top in her class nor is she at the bottom. Se isn't sporty and she reads a lot. She is quite self-pitying believing her friends are only her friends out of pity.
Jessica- Jessica Walker is Rory's possible girlfriend. The two have feelings for each other. She is from a rich background and could be described as 'the nice rich girl' despite sometimes being snappy and rude. She plays tennis, volleyball and swims and has n amazon figure. She has always done well in school and has always been popular. She is nicknamed barbie by some. She is tall and slender, has blonde hair and blue eyes.
All four have a specific ability as well; the ability to teleport, mind read, change emotions and protect ones self from harm and send it back to the source. Who is your favourite, why and you can see if you can guess who has which ability. Thanks! 🙂

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Is it safe to practice ice skating jumps off ice with guards on?

Asked: Is it safe to practice ice skating jumps off ice with guards on?

I am having trouble with the single flip.I can do it perfectly off ice with tennis shoes on, but once on the ice, the heavy boots makes it hard for me to keep the free leg up during the rotation and I end up not making the full rotation and land on the left leg instead of right.I would like to practice the single flip with my boots and guards on off ice so that I can get used to the heavy boots, but is it safe to do so?

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Am I becoming a third wheel?

Asked: Am I becoming a third wheel?

Ok so my two best friends in my whole world absolutley hate eachother! I feel like I am always just stuck in the middle. When all three of us were little in like 2nd grade we had a club and constant sleepovers, but now Katie and Lynn constantly bash eachother.

Lynn is more of the outgoing one of the trio. She is VERY oppionattive and agrees with here mom on anything. She is also the most annoying one of the group by repeating everything she says twice! Anytime i am with her she Bashes Katie and says " Well I am glad we don't really talk anymore because she lied alot! Right" and I would just nod and grin and change the subject.

Katie likes to lay on the low and bashes lynn the same way and is all "She needs a reality check because she acts like she is the expert on everything!"

Both are like this but I mean we all have our flaws right? i am getting sick and tired of both of them!
How do i react the next way one of them says something about the other. and how do I get it to stop.
But I honestly think they are jealous of eachother.
Katie plays basketball soccer and raises animals
lynn plays basketball soccer and golf
i play soccer and tennis? HELP!!!!

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