On a scale of 1-10 how popular am I?

Asked: On a scale of 1-10 how popular am I?

Well, at school I do my absolute best to be sweet and kind to everyone. I smile, ask questions, help people, I'm just nice. But I do "unleash the nasty" when someone gets on my nerves, with a biting comeback or sassy remark. I'm the best tennis player in my school and in my school, tennis players are definitely the equivalent of cheerleaders in stereotyped schools. I'm also always on the Honor roll and i'm definitely smart, but I'm not nerdy about it. I'm obsessed with comic books and love drawing (which I have a very great talent for, not too brag but just to be truthful) and I love using big words which everyone likes to joke to me about. All that is my geeky, quirky side that I wear proudly. So I have bunches of friends in that group. I also love makeup and beauty and always try to look trendy and cute and neat, which I guess I succeed at since I get lots of compliments on clothes and makeup 🙂 I sit with different groups of girls and guys everyday, or at least every two days or so. I'm a subject of a few rumors, some true some false. One is that I like a super popular jock guy named Carlos: true. One is that I tortured some geekier girl on my tennis team to do my hw: false. I know that I have some boy attention. I call, facebook, text almost all my friends every day. I'm just very sociable. I'm also a funny person at leaast I like too believe so… 🙂 So do you think I'm popular? Please put down your rating and why you gave me that. Not in a conceited way, I just think its useful to know your social status if tht makes sense. Thank you!

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Should I Still Go To Tennis Practice?!?!?!?!?

Asked: Should I Still Go To Tennis Practice?!?!?!?!?

So a few days ago I got a fracture in my back which ended my tennis season. I only got the chance to play in two matches. Since the injury I have gone to two of the team's matches to watch. Now they have the first practice since my injury and I'm wondering if I should go to practice and watch? I've been a part of the team for 3 years and before I was injured I was playing 2nd singles on varsity. I feel like I should go yet it might be weird. What do you think???????

Oh and there is no chance that I will heal before the end of the season so I am out completely .

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