what has happened to the ' pure of heart ' at the french open?

im in england originally from spain, but novak djokovic is my favourite mens tennis player of all time…i call him ‘ the pure of heart ‘ because he is so great.

but he is getting beaten badly here today? hes still hitting back some ‘pure of heart’ shots and returns but he is losing badly.

do you think he will lose this match to andres sepp ? because the pure of heart is 2 sets down


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I like a Japanese Guy Help?

Asked: I like a Japanese Guy Help?

I've been friends with him for more than half a year now…We both play tennis and have each other in classes etc. He usually comes out with comments like you're pretty but I think he is simply being funny or something. Somehow I started liking him … he's extremely nice and funny but for some reason I think he won't be interested in me because of my race. I'm Mexican and I think his parents are strict because everytime I invite him to hang out with a group of his friends (we hang out with the same people) he always says he can't. He's extremely intelligent probably #2 in the school too. What should I do ? Should I just leave everything alone ? Or tell him how I feel? He's EXTRMELY Shy by the way..The only reason why I'm asking is because I dont know if Japanese guys are into mexican girls. Soo yeaaa Thanks! 10+POINTS

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Help me choose my career? This question is Life Changing for me?

Asked: Help me choose my career? This question is Life Changing for me?

I have no idea what I want to do as a major for college.. I'm gonna list some things I like and dislike and help me choose a career please… I play sports, I'm very athletic. I play soccer, baseball, basketball, football, and tennis.I like to do hard labor hands on stuff. I am socially awkwards at times and very shy and quiet. I love browsing and playing games on the comp.I don't like math. Science is okay but it sucks sometimes. I'm a guy but I understand peoples feelings most of the times and help them out so I have feelings kind of like a chick. I hate talking on the phone. I like to work alone most of the times. I'm kind of a more hands on guy. I want to make decent money. I get straight A's, occasionally B's. I'm a very good listener and do what people ask me to do. I am not a leader but a follower. Please help by listing careers.. Your lists could change my LIFE!

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stream rugby Perpignan v Mont-de-Marsan Perpigna online rugby |

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Are there any ways to gain fat?

Asked: Are there any ways to gain fat?

I am a 13 year old guy and I need to gain fat to grow tall. Right now, I am 44 kg and 164 cm so I need to gain at least 5 kg. I do a lot of physical activities (I did professional swimming for my school – school representative, tennis representative, table tennis representative, and badminton representative). I also did a variety of sports when I was young (soccer, baseball, kickball etc…). I eat A LOT (the most among my friends) but I just can't seem to gain fat. PLEASE HELP!

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