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My name is Emma and I’m 15, my birthday is the 8th on november. I have brown eyes and pink and blonde short hair. I’m not fat but I’m not fat but I’m not thin but I don’t do much exercise or eat properly so I’m not a very healthy person. I don’t eat much fruit or vegetables and eat a lot of junk food.
I’m generally quite a happy and kind person, and people say my best quality is my generosity, yet I can occasionally be quite selfish which I’d like to change. I’m also quite lazy, like my dad.
My mum and dad are divorced, but I have a stepdad. I also have one older sister who is 18, but I do have quite a big family, I have 6 uncles, 7 aunts and 16 cousins. my 2 dogs are called Imogen and Scott, and they’re black labradors.
My mum is very nice and generous, but very moody, like my sister, who is extremely stroppy, but my dad is relaxed, funny and lazy.
Usually I get on with my mum but I don’t get on with my sister because she is so stroppy. I probably get on with my dad best because we never argue but I don’t see him much. I fall out with my step dad a lot because I do badly at school.
I don’t do any sport but I used to do swimming, running, tennis, hockey and judo but I don’t anymore. My mum can’t do any sport and my dad and sister are too lazy. My boyfriend plays badminton for county.
I eat a lot of junk food, however, last night my mum made spaghetti bolognase. I should eat less junk and more fruit and to more exercise to be more healthy.
its not homework

Demos: Sega Superstars Tennis – PS3 Gameplay | Daxter296 Plays

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(reupload) ~Risen Deafcation – Lyainn VIX Canadian shtht ontup of stairroof*

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Why is everyone jumping on the bandwagon again and supporting the 'British' player?

I do not get why people support someone because of where they are from?? This baffles me.
Surely you should support who you like, for their skill etc.
I support players and teams I LIKE not where they are from.
I hate the way everyone wets themselves over the England football team, I would never support that talentless bunch of prima donnas. I would much rather support Italy or Spain (in fact I did support Italy in the Euros)

I think people just jump on a bandwagon.

I have nothing against Murray but I’ve always been a Federer fan so will support who I like, not who is ‘British’
Fading Nag, I am not a chap….I’m a filly

But my point is, people only support him because he is British/ Scottish whatever you want to call it.
Fading Nag, I am not a chap….I’m a filly

But my point is, people only support him because he is British/ Scottish whatever you want to call it.

tennis marathon cover

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3 – 610 Spruce Street Florence SC 29501

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a davis cup or ryder cup style thing for football?

could it be plausibl? the top 4 or 8 leagues put forward 3 teams in a knockout tournament.
so it could be england vs spain, and which ever nation has more points goes through to the next round

then they draw which 3 teams play each other home and away. because i just don’t rate the way the europa league works, they do like what 3 months of qualifying, and a team that finished 1 place above them can get basically knocked out of the champions league and end up in the europa league

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