Caroline Wozniacki Wearing Diamond Ring; Are She And Rory McIlroy Engaged?

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In terms of sport, what the English are best at is criticising their own stars – True or false?

I ask this in the aftermath of the England football result last week, as well as a general, ever-present issue in the UK media.

Allow me to quote a passage from the sports biography ‘The Rivals: Chris Evert versus Martina Navratilova’. The passage concerns seventies British tennis player John Lloyd, who was one in a very long line of British men vilified for not winning the Wimbledon Championships:

"When it comes to self-mockery or artful dissection of one’s own sportsmen, the English are unparallelled; they’ve made eating their children a highly stylised parlour game. They excel at self-flagellation and deep contemplation on big themes such as what English tennis players (or soccer stars, or cricketers…) reveal about the national character. A tepid adjective is never used when a hyperbolic one will do. Losses aren’t just disappointing – they’re disastrous, mortifying, unconscionable!"

Sorry for the ‘read-with-mother’ routine, but I thought this paragraph summed it up. Even Welsh and Scottish sport-stars are valued by their fellow countrymen when they lose, without the fanfare and condemnation displayed by us English.

Why exactly do the public and press have this inherent belief that England should be the best at tennis, football, cricket? And why do we (yes, I have done it too) slag off our sporting heroes when they cannot win the biggest trophies?

Djokovic vs David Ferrer Abu Dhabi 2012 Mubadala Today

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English Premier League Supporters: Embaressment of top class football?

I’ve watched a fair few games recently, and been to top division matches in England Scotland, Spain, Wales, Northern Ireland, The Republic of Ireland, Germany, France, Portugal, Greece and Turkey, and seen lower league matches in most of those countrys too, and I can honestly say that English premier league fans are the quietest I’ve ever heard. Considering the amounts that turn up at times it is absolutely shameful, I couldn’t get to Charlton today, so I am watching Man U against Crawley, and you can’t hear any of the 60,000 plus Utd. fans. Turkish fans are the best by a long way, the Besiktas fans are mental. So, why do you think that premier league fans are so shite, I think it is because of the lack of hardcore fans that you see in the lower and european leagues. Because the premier league glory hunter cachement is so wide, none of them go to enough matches to get to know any chants, or are to embaressed to sing. What do you reckon?

I think the complete lack of answers from you armchair fans does show that I’m completely right, and yes I did hear the arsenal fans on wednesday, they started singing well after they started winning, I’ll give them that, they still weren’t overly impressive though.

Promo Recrutement Tennis Avantage 2013

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Which of these counties?

Of these countries which is:

The most sparsely populated?
The smallest in size?
Lowest GDP per capita?
and Lowest % of people with access to a computer?

(These countries):
Hong Kong
India Indonesia
New Zealand
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States
Vietnam en Español

Trust me there is a pertinent reason for this!!!
Oh yeah And if you know which of those countries tennis is least popular that would be great!!!
Its not homework lol I am desperate to become top contributor on here(I am sad like that lol) and I want to know where I have the best chance!

I speak Spanish, French and Portuguesse and know enough Italian and Sweddish to get by so Language is no problem!

Kick Serve In Slow Motion

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