How to get a 'beach bod'?

Ok, so I’m not necessarily asking for a Pamela Anderson – Baywatch routine, It’s just I’m going on Holiday to Spain in just under 9 weeks and want to be able to actually go swimming when I put my bathers on and not run and hide,
I’m 15 and genetically, my fat gathers in my hips and thighs, so these are sort of ‘problem areas’.
Please could you tell me some good exercises to lose final bits of flab and to tone up properly. Also, any additional tips would be great, i.e, good foods to eat and what not to eat (currently still on the remainders of our christmas cake:/)
Thankyou in advance!

denGladeJyde @ Nuketown 2025 vol. 2 (Black Ops 2)

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My dog panics!?

I have a 6 year old dog who panics when he hears fireworks.
This may not seem strange but we used to live near the beach (in spain) and they set off a lot of fire works here and he wasn’t bothered at all.

Now, he has panic attacks (we think a kid threw a firework on our terrace when we were out)

We leave the door open so that he can get inside, but he has started to scratch the doors. (sometimes i’m at work till late and he’s alone)

Is there anything we can do to help him stop having panic attacks.


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Unboxing de XBox360 | Porqu hay tanto celo!?

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