I feel like this whole LGBT turned into labelling game?

the category of "straight" "bi" or "gay"

It’s like you need to ‘figure out’ how to categorize yourself into one of these groups.
Often time i see question in yahoo title "am i gay" or something like that and it piss me off. why do you even need to categorize yourself into ‘gay’ or ‘straight’? Why can’t you just be…well, you?

why do people even bother trying to "figure out" your true sexual orientation? your sexual orientation is unique to each and every individual. There’s no need to "figure out" which classification system you belong under. because as soon as you start doing that, you don’t become you. you become the one you classified yourself to be.

it’s not like there’s a rule saying "by law, if i categorized myself as gay and decided to be gay i’m not allowed to have sex with members of opposite sex"

so who cares? you have sex with whoever you wanna have sex with. why bother labeling yourself permanently and stressing yourself over it? gahhh