Perfect holiday destination for me?

I’m going on holiday in August 2014, but I can’t decide where to go. I find a place that looks good, but the more I look into them, the less I like them. I can’t seem to find the perfect place. All I know is, I want to go somewhere abroad, somewhere out of England.

I’m going on holiday for my 18th birthday, but since I’m not 18 until September, I’ll still only be 17. I’m going with one of my best friends, and my mum, since I am really close to her. We are planning on going on 2nd August for 14 nights.

My dream holiday would be somewhere where the weather is hot, where there is loads to do for people my age, as well as for older people. I want to go somewhere where there are quite a few theme parks and water parks, somewhere where there is something different to do everyday

We have about 3,000-4,000 budget, and we want to stay in a hotel that has a pool and has a few activities going on for the hotel guests (I.e. games nights). I once stayed at a hotel in Egypt, and they had different activities going on throughout the day and night, stuff like table tennis, pool, games night, shows and performances. We would like to stay somewhere that is rated between 3-5 stars.

We aren’t fussed if it is self catering, half board, full board, or all inclusive. That doesn’t really matter. We aren’t fussed where it is, as long as the weather is hot, and there is plenty to do for teenagers and older people.

Has anyone been somewhere like this, or have you got ay suggestions where we could go.

Thank you in advance xxx