Sports Nutrition/Nutritional Anthropology?

Please, only the serious/professional need respond, thanks!
Looking for a career change and have definitely decided in nutrition. Beliefs: holistic/natural approach, weight-training and cardio to maintain a disease free lifestyle; Experiences: come from a family of anthropologists, but they’ve recently passed on (I need to look elsewhere for advice).
Best route: to major in sports nutrition and minor in nutritional anthropology/anthropology, or major in nutritional anthropology and minor in sports nutrition?
Again, serious-minded need respond…all others can hit the ENTER key and move on, thanks.
Additional suggestions/guidance apart from what major/minor route to take would be most appreciated.
Again, only the serious-minded,thanks!

Nutrition help?

I have the worst diet, and I don’t exercise. I have fallen into really bad habits, skipping breakfast, sometimes other meals and eating fried foods daily. I’m 174cm tall and weigh 52kg so I know I’m very underweight. I’m going away on holidays for a month, and when I come back I want to start eating healthier and exercising. Any tips on how to do this? Do I start off with small changes, or a complete overhaul!?

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