Fitness+tennis question below?

I might be playing varsity tennis all through high school and I might continue tennis for a long time. I love the sport!

However, I don’t know what it’ll do for my body, along with I might play soccer for 2-3 years. I’m a girl, and I don’t want a big manly body! I just want to be toned and slim.

I have a small-medium frame/natural size.
I’m 15.

What and how should I eat, to reach and maintain this goal, so I’ll be nicely toned, instead of looking big and muscular?

the post workout nutrition question?


some people say that having simple carbs after you work out will kickstart the production of insulin which stops the hGH which is needed to build big muscles

reed "5 Ways to Naturally increase Human Growth Hormone in the Body."

and some say that having whey protein with simple carbs will promote your insulin levels which speed up the movement of glucose and amino acids into cells which is what you definitely want and secondly, it activates a special enzyme which is essential for glycogen synthesis.

and protein/carbohydrate supplement after exercise triggers the release of growth hormone. Great news for building muscle.
reed "3) Immediately After Working Out"

i am so confused on whether to have simple carbohydrates after working out or not please help me

Sports science minor and nutrition major…?

Hi everyone, So I’m having a little trouble makng a decision. I’m thinking of changing my major and obtaining a Bachelors of Science in nutrition. Thing is, I want to get a minor too and I’m not 100% sure how that works out…before I talk to my advisor I want to know. Do certain minors only work with certain majors? Like…would I be able to get a job if I had my BS in nutrition with a minor in sports science for example?

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