What sort of sports nutrition should I be using to regain my strength?

I’m female, 5’4, 115lbs, 26 years old. I used to be moderately active; I walk a lot, and jog and/or cross train 1 to 4 times a week.

But a year ago I go sick with a mysterious infection, then had surgery. I’ve been recovering very slowly, with good days and bad days when it comes to energy. My doctors have advised me to start slow and workout when I have good days.

I have a pretty healthy diet, mostly veggies, whole grains, occasional meat, plenty of water, iron supplements, and a weakness for desert. But my infection left me with IBS and fructose intolerance, so I have to be careful with what I eat.

I’d like to add sports nutrition, like protein shakes or something, to help me rebuild my strength faster. Any suggestions of where to start? What should I be looking for?

By the way, I’m not trying to gain or lose weight, just trying to get back my strength and energy.

Tennis try outs, very nervous.?

Well, I have tennis try outs tomorrow and I’m very nervous. My dad made food and well I’m not to hungry , I guess because I’m nervous. Is it bad to be nervous? and tips to help me feel confident and well I tend to get emotional, I don’t want to cry if I lose. I never cheat on any games, and I treat my competition right but I don’t want to feel the urge to cry If I’m losing. I know it’s babish but I need advice, wish me luck<3

[Tennis] fitness?

What are some good exercises/stretches/etc. I could do to improve my fitness and most of all physical and mental strength; as well as the big one–endurance.

I have a huge tournament coming up next month, I’m playing singles. It’ll be in this hot Texas heat of course as well.
I’m just trying to get into really great shape to last and perhaps get a little better even. Any tennis tips for this situation would also be helpful as well.
OH AND OF COURSE, an even bigger one: diet. I normally eat whatever–[I dont watch what I eat that much], since I have such a high metabolism, I guess. I dont gain weight easily, I’m kind of small for my age, 5 foot, almost 16.

tennis player wit 5~6 meal plan?

i play tennis every weekday since i got on the tennis team. im a 16 year old guy, 131 pounds. i play mostly doubles for about 2 hours everyday from 3 pm to 5 pm. ive been researching and ive found that eating 5~6 meals a day can help boost metabolism. so heres my weekly schedule:
1. wake up at 5:00 am
2. school from 7:45 am to 2:30 pm (10 am break, 12 pm lunch)
3. tennis practice 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
4. sleep at 8:00 pm or 9:00 pm
how big should a meal should i have and at what time? im just trying to experiment with eating food =P. o and how many calories should a meal be and how much protein/carb/fat should be included in each meal. thanks for any suggestions =D.

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