The secret of success in tennis

Tennis has changed as compared to a few years ago. To excel in this sport, a tennis player needs to undergo extensive fitness training to improve footwork, speed, strength and performance. In order to out-stand the cut-throat competition, tennis players need to follow a tennis specific fitness training program that will help give them that slight edge on court. Let us have a look at how tennis fitness training assists a tennis player in climbing the success ladder:

Types of Fitness Components

Tennis is a very diverse and complex sport. If you are serious about being successful, training for tennis should address all fitness components, rather than just focusing on court drills, or running fast. Depending on the time of the year, (pre competition etc.) on an average a professional tennis player should dedicate, 30% of the total work time, to an effective tennis training program. A good fitness program will include strength training, agility training, power training, speed training, aerobic / anaerobic training, core training, balance training, coordination training and flexibility training. For a tennis player to make and see an overall improvement in their game, the key is to address all these individualised fitness components with correct intensity and load.

Develop Overall Strength

Up and coming young tennis players need to work more on developing strength, core, and balance. They need to focus on some basic full-body strength exercises, which will help them gain speed and flexibility.

Players who feel weak, and slow around the court, should dedicate more time on agility, and reaction drills and overall strength. This can help you feel lighter and quicker around the court, placing minimal stress and load on the body, thus reducing injuries.

Tennis is a sport that can last for hours, so tennis players need to have a high energy level as well as persistence. Many players will notice the benefits and a marked improvement in their level of strength and power endurance, deep into the last set, after following a specific tennis fitness training program.

Prevent Injuries

A range of movement exercise’s and keeping the body supple should be one of the main focuses with all tennis players. They should incorporate stretching as an important part of their tennis fitness program. Self- myofascial release exercises are also very important, as this will help maintain a healthy muscle. Performing tennis exercises regularly, not only helps in overall performance, but also helps, prevent and reduce injuries with tennis players. Doing some stretching exercises everyday after practice will boost muscle flexibility, this would further decrease the risk of injuries in the future.

The Perfect Solution

Often players can be seen giving excuses that they can not give time to training due to their tight schedules and continuous tournaments. A perfect solution to this is to perform a 20-30 min (starter) tennis fitness workout prior to your regular tennis practice. Over time this will not only help improve your level of tennis fitness, but these starter workouts will have you warm, get your feet moving, and have you ready to go for the start of each practice. (no more wasting 10mins of your court time). If you can do these starter workouts 3-4 times a week, prior to each practice, you and your coach will be surprised how much more effective your time on court will be.

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Benefitting from ball machine practise

Tennis is a sport in which the more skill you have and the amount of time you put in practicing, the more successful you will be. Some tennis professionals have played tennis as far back as they can remember or their parents played tennis. For those who have tennis engrained in their blood, they still have to have some amount of practice in order to beat the other players that will be on the same or higher level than they are. There are many ways a person can train to perform at high level on the tennis court. One of the first things that you have to have is determination followed by patience and the will to succeed. Practicing your game is not unlike any other sport or art, the more you practice, the higher your skill and expertise become.

Just like many of its sports counterparts, tennis players will do what is necessary to win at their craft. Some players will begin their day with tennis and also end their day with tennis. Great players with a passion for the game can be found by joining the local country club or by heading down to the city park. When it comes to having a passion for the game, no card membership makes anyone more qualified than another. Unfortunately not everyone will have a skilled player to compete against daily so they will have to find other methods such as machinery to assist them. Hitting the ball back and forth helps the tennis pro be able to return a serve given to them by their opponents. So they would spend hours with their tennis ball machines returning the ball across the net. This ball machines tennis allow the tennis player to stay out on the court for as long as they would like.

Some players are so dedicated to their craft that they will purchase a portable ball machine to practice anywhere they go. In order to be good at tennis you have to return the ball back from where it came and put the ball where the other player cannot get to it. So some players invest in one of the most inexpensive portable machines in the twist tennis ball machine for themselves. The tennis twist ball machine can help them with their placement and their return. The good thing is for those with a budget to spend on their tennis lessons, this machine will help them tremendously in both savings and improving tennis skill.

For those tennis players that are looking to improve their tennis skills faster and are OK with investing more money, the prince tennis ball machine is the ball machine for you. The tennis ball machine will give the tennis player variable speeds to choose to hit, various levels of ball trajectory and also can hold up to 250 balls. They will keep coming at you, so you can practice your forehand and backhand swings at the pace of a normal return from a human player.

For all levels of tennis players you can see look for the tutor tennis ball machine which is said to be the best portable machine on the market. The tennis tutor ball machine comes in a state of the art design which is considered best for traveling. It has a cubed design that can easily fit in the back of your vehicle to be taken out when you are ready to hit tennis balls.

There is no wrong choice when it comes to how you want to train for tennis matches or to just use tennis as a way to stay in shape. You will not always be able to practice with a person so you cannot go wrong on which brand of automated machine you choose.


Advice on the best tennis shoes

You must have good quality and durable tennis shoes to play tennis. Ordinary shoes are unable to provide the same level of comfort and grip of the ground to the player while playing tennis. As a result, a player may get injured and have to take a rest for weeks. The most common injury that players suffer whilst playing tennis is twisting or straining of the ankle and it hurts badly. Therefore, proper tennis footwear must be bought rather than normal athletic shoes to avoid getting injuries and stay in top form. While the quality and durability of specialized tennis shoes is higher than normal shoes, they are also a bit costly as compared to average athletic shoes.

There are a lot of brands that make tennis footwear but the amount of comfort and support that Adidas or Nike tennis shoes provide is unmatchable. This is because these brands have done many researches and have come up with exactly what people need out of tennis shoes. Adidas and Nike have been the top brand for tennis footwear for many years and you can find these shoes at any shoe stores and also in outlet stores of these brands all around the world. Both these shoes are popular because of their high quality and durability and because of that reason Adidas and Nike sponsor big sports events and players round the year.

Adidas and Nike are also the favorite brand of many great athletes from different parts of the world. Tennis requires a lot of strength as your legs have to bear the stress for hours, especially on the grass court. That is why you have to buy the best tennis footwear to give your best performance in the game. The price of tennis shoes may increase with the quality but you cannot compromise on your health. Tennis shoes for men and women are also different. Adidas and Nike are the best manufacturers of tennis footwear for men and women on the market.

There is no doubt in that Adidas has always been the house brand for sports products and accessories and most commonly known around the world. Adidas is also the top producer of tennis footwear and their shoes usually cost $90 or more. Nike has released Air Force shoes that are grabbing much attention within the sport of tennis.

Another high quality and reputable brand that manufacturers sports shoes is K-Swiss. Tennis footwear of this brand usually come in several different categories such as light weight shoes, ankle support shoes, shoes for clay court, maximum durable shoes and best value shoes etc. They also manufacture special shoes for people who have narrow or wide feet.

Women love stylish shoes and companies manufacture tennis footwear that look nice and stylish to the women’s market. Puma is another great brand for tennis shoes and also the signature brand for many women tennis stars. Puma has been trying hard to make a mark in the sports shoe market in general and tennis shoe market in particular.

When buying tennis shoes, make sure to try them on to see if they provide good grip. Walk and run a bit to see if you still feel comfortable because tennis shoes are very important on the court and have a big effect on your performance.

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Why do tennis drills ?

What are the characteristics of great tennis drills? What makes one tennis drill boring and flat and the other one is exciting and fun? Players sometimes practice one kind of exercise time and time again and realize that their skills are not improving. Other times, players try every new tennis drill they hear about and still don’t get the desired results. How do we know that the drills we are practicing are effective?

The best tennis drills display certain qualities that are necessary for tennis players to improve. We can find these core characteristics in every single great tennis drill. If tennis coaches can apply these qualities to their own drills, they are well on their way to improve their players’ performance. So what are these very important properties that tennis drills have to display?

The first goal of every great drill is focus on a certain area. Tennis players have to know what skill they want to improve in order to deploy the proper exercises. First, players have to identify weaknesses in their game. Naturally, tennis instructors can be a great help in this matter. Players need to ask themselves if they want to be better net players or they rather have a big serve. Of course, all of us want to improve everything at the same time. This, however, is not realistic. You should only focus on one thing at a time. Second, the tennis instructor has to pick the kind of exercises that focus on that given area or skill. If you don’t know what you want to improve, no tennis drill can be helpful.

The second important characteristic is simulating match situations. Tennis is a competitive game after all where players want to win. Practicing forehand cross courts for two hours is not very effective and it’s also boring. In match situations, the ball never comes at you the same way twice. Tennis players who practice one type of shot will struggle in match situations. There is no replacement for good situational tennis practice.

Finally, it is essential for tennis players to have fun while they are practicing. All of us will burn out if practice becomes a chore. Tennis practice should provide excitement and fun. The way good tennis coaches accomplish this is by allowing players to work towards a goal. Whether players cooperate or compete against each other to achieve this goal doesn’t really matter. What’s important is that players feel satisfied when they accomplish this goal.


Tennis serve tips

The tennis serve is an important part of the game of tennis. Besides the groundstrokes, a good serve can begin the point on the player’s own terms. The groundstrokes are often practiced by club players every day, but the serve always lacks adequate practice. Many tennis players neglect their serve. Player’s who do lack the ability to serve with both power and spin start the point at their opponent’s mercy. The irony is that the tennis serve technique is entirely in our control.

A tennis player with common sense should look to gain a advantage by improving their tennis serve. If you are looking to improve the tennis serve technique, have a weak serve, or just looking to develop an already good serve: here are some tips to help you improve.

Focus on placement

Before you start your service motion, a player should know exactly where they want to hit their serve. If you have better aim, you can hit better placements with your serve. If you want a great serve, think about where you want to hit the ball. This will help you regain focus and help take some pressure off yourself.

Make sure your body position is aligned correctly to hit the tennis serve. If you are aiming to the right, finish your service motion to the right. If you are playing a righty, you will mostly want to aim to your right, because usually players’ backhands are weaker than their forehands. When you make contact make sure you are hitting the correct side of the ball. If you are aiming to the right, you will want to hit the ball at 11 o’clock.

It is also important to make sure your opponent can’t read where you are trying to hit the ball. Therefore, you must disguise your serve. One way to practice this is the 1-2-3 drill. When practicing, divide the service box into three parts. Let’s say the left division is 1, the middle division is 2, and the right division is 3. Have a friend call out one, two, or three right after you toss the ball. Serve to where your friend told you to. If you do this drill enough it will help you aim better and help you disguise your serve.

Incorporate your whole body into the serve

As you add more of your body into your shots, your service motion will become more powerful. Therefore, it is important to sometimes practice your serve without a ball. This is sometimes called “shadowing”. Make sure to lean your hip beyond the service line. Bend your knees. Make sure your shoulders and body are perpendicular to the net. Finally, when the toss has reached its peak, unleash all that energy you have stored into your body. Jump into the court as you hit the ball and prepare for the next shot with a split-step.

Practice serving by throwing

A baseball pitch is much like a serve in tennis. If you ever get the chance to watch a baseball player, you should notice that their throwing mechanics is very similar to the tennis serve. A good serve is an accurate shot, but the serve should also have a lot of pace on it. You can throw a ball with a friend, or you can just get some tennis balls and see how far you can throw them from the baseline. Then, immediately try doing the same motion with a tennis racquet. The results will surprise you.

Final Tennis Tip

The best way to throw your opponent off on serve is to add different spins and paces to your serve. Try to serve kick, slice and flat serves into your service games. At 40-love and first serve, throw in a hard, flat serve for an ace. Occasionally serve a ball with absolutely no pace on it. This is effective when your opponent has been getting hard serve after hard serve.

Work on these tennis serve tips to improve your game and then your tennis technique may improve over time.

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Warm up exercises for tennis players

A lot of tennis players pay strict attention to their warm-up exercises while some others just do a few chest twists and muscle releasing movements before a tennis match. Doing a planned series of warm-up drills, which also includes cardio and dynamic stretching exercises, is quite beneficial for both professional and amateur players. Warm up exercises for tennis should be done for at least 10-15 min prior to playing or practice.

There are a variety of tennis exercises that help in reducing injuries and assist in developing functional flexibility, range of motion and balance. The range of tennis warm up exercises includes:

1. Cardio – Cardio exercises should be done for 3-5 minutes. Skipping or running can be done for cardio. The main purpose of cardio warm up is to increase your heart rate and circulation, thereby increasing the length of muscles and preparing the joints for exercise.

2. Muscle Activation – To overcome any muscle imbalance or any instability issues around certain joints, it is important to excite the correct muscles and push them to work during exercise. This can be achieved through muscle activation. Some useful activation exercises are Four Point extension, Supine Bridge and Shoulder External Rotation.

3. Range of Motion (ROM) – Tennis exercises are a great way to move joints and lengthen muscles. ROM exercises can be considered as exercises for an active stretch or loosening up of the body. The main benefit of ROM exercises is that they help in the movement of the whole body rather than just isolating a specific area or muscle, which is mandatory to do before playing any sport, especially tennis. Some of the best ROM exercises are Sumo Squat Lift, Lunge Twist, Thread The Needle and Spine Flexion.

4. Shadowing – This is the final phase of the warm up schedule. Shadowing imitates the movements that are performed on the tennis court. Shadowing gets the nervous system working and ensures that your body follows specific movement patterns. Shadowing exercises for tennis can be used to help you in preparing mentally for practice or play. The intensity of shadowing should increase every 20-30 seconds; so that you feel yourself ready physically as well as mentally before you start your session or match. A tennis player should do shadowing for at least 2-3 minutes (20-30 sec on: 20 sec off x 3-4 sets) alternating between forehands, backhands, overhead, volleys and serves.

5. Stretching – Stretching is very important after playing tennis. Players can feel tired and fatigued after playing tennis for hours, if they don’t follow a regular stretching program, it can have a long-lasting effect on their tennis fitness and performance. Once the match is over, players need to do a steady jog until their breathing has slowed down and they feel close to a resting heart rate. Then they should follow their stretch program, holding stretches for 30 seconds to 1 minute, targeting tight areas throughout their body.

Following these warm up steps that are specific exercises for tennis, will ensure you are ready every time you train, practice or play.

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Working with a tennis ball machine

As with any sport the only way to improve is to practice, practice, practice! Tennis is certainly no different. If you want to see drastic improvement in your tennis game, then you need to practice and practice a ton. Talk to any tennis pro and they will tell you the same. Many professional tennis players credit their success directly to time spent on the tennis court just hitting ball after ball from a tennis ball machine.

It doesn’t matter if you brand new to tennis, a weekend player at the park, on your high school tennis team or a professional tennis player, your game will completely change with the constant use of a tennis ball machine. It’s the constant repetition of hitting the tennis ball over and over that will not only create the proper form, build “tennis muscles”, but will also create an incredible confidence in yourself as you watch your game improve over time.

Tennis Ball Machine Benefits:

-Get a great workout every time you take the court.
-Create fun games and challenges
-Improve your game by creating muscle memory with a variety of shots
-Improve hand eye coordination
-Improve footwork with dynamic shot making

A portable tennis ball machine is a coach and teacher that you can take with you to any court, anywhere you go. Now days tennis ball machines are so small and compact and so very lightweight that they can easily taken with you in the trunk of a car. They are simple to setup and can be done so very quickly in a matter of seconds.

Tennis machines are not cheap by any means, usually ranging from several hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars in price. But if you are serious about improving your game, they really are an absolute must for any tennis player. When you compare the price of paying a dedicated tennis coach who will hit you ball after ball for a couple hours a day, to the price of a one time investment of a tennis ball machine, the cost really isn’t even close.

When it comes down to it, the only way to really improve in tennis, as with anything in life, is constant and repetitive practice. Hitting the same shots over and over until they become second nature to you. This muscle memory needs to be developed over time and the best way to do this in tennis is with a tennis ball machine.

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