Elite tennis players, know how to maximize their time on court!

Some tips on   how you can, maximize your time on court.

By, learning how to concentrate.The only way to start doing things faster is to…

Learn how to concentrate better in practice.

And you can do that,be working on your concentration skills, more off the court as well.

This will transfer to your practice time on the court.

Start doing one thing at a time and focus all your attention,on what you are doing at that particular time.

Don’t let your mind wonder, like it’s likes to do. “You must practice being in the moment at all times”.

This could be in the classroom,on the train or anywhere else.

Stop thinking about the past and worrying about the future.

Deal with those issues,when you get there.

Now, don’t get me wrong here.

You need to map out your tennis goals on a daily basis.

(Know what you want.)

But then start focusing on the daily activities, that will get you there!!


Concentrate all your mental energy on each drills,rep and practice match.

Be all mentally in,on each one!!

Do this for at least 2 weeks.

That should give you enough time to start becoming more efficient on the court.

Then you will start progressing faster than other players and with less effort!!


You will build momentum FLOW!!!

Why your arm stiffness could be something more SERIOUS?


Have you ever experienced pain on the outside of your arm near your elbow joint? Does the pain seem to come out of nowhere and get worse if you pick up something as simple as a coffee mug?



If so, I have some important information that could save you from developing a more serious and debilitating condition that could take you years to recover from, not to mention the hundreds of dollars you could end up wasting trying to get rid of this nagging injury.


The painful arm condition that I am referring too is tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is the common name for a painful condition affecting the outside part of the elbow.

Tennis elbow is most common in people aged between 35 and 55 and surprisingly enough you don’t have to play tennis in order to develop tennis elbow. In fact, 95% of all reported cases of tennis elbow are from non-tennis players.


Most people have no idea how they develop this nagging injury but depending on the severity it can take up to 2 years to fully recover if you keep ignoring the http://order0105.4amtech.hop.clickbank.netwarning signs and symptoms. And to make matters worse, this condition progressively gets worse over time if left untreated.

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