a davis cup or ryder cup style thing for football?

could it be plausibl? the top 4 or 8 leagues put forward 3 teams in a knockout tournament.
so it could be england vs spain, and which ever nation has more points goes through to the next round

then they draw which 3 teams play each other home and away. because i just don’t rate the way the europa league works, they do like what 3 months of qualifying, and a team that finished 1 place above them can get basically knocked out of the champions league and end up in the europa league

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  • You have to realize that unlike the individual sports like golf and tennis, where there is one season for all competitors, each federation has their own season. MLS plays from March to November. The EPL plays from August to May. You can see the overlap between all the seasons and on top of that is the international competition in the World Cup.

    My concern would be that adding a Davis Cup-style tournament would add to the large amount of scheduling each club already has. Also the World Cup already is a tournament that decides the best football nation. Adding a club tournament seems kinda redundant, since most of the players play within their country domestically anyway.

    I will agree with you that the Europa League doesn’t make sense. There shouldn’t be relegation to the UEL from the Champion’s League. You qualify for one or the other, not both. Doesn’t make sense that the 3rd place team (out of 4) moves to the UEL. It’s like giving them a second chance for not being good enough.

  • OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!

    you couldn’t possibly ask these clowns to play MORE games….

    i mean…..What…….they already play 2 games a week…..(if they’re unlucky……..)

    my god…….that would mean they’d actually be earning their ridiculous wages by playing more…….

    good Q……..

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