artificial sports nutrition…HELP!!?

do artificial sport nutrition and supplements cause any side effects??
is it safe for consumption?…as in will it cause any complications in the future??

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  • It all depends on what you are taking. There is creatine and I would say no, however, one company adds ingredients that spike your body’s insulin in order for the creatine to be absorbed quicker. That supplement is not safe to take all the time or even by certain people.

    Not every supplement is safe or has everything that it has in it listed on the nutrition facts. That is where doing your own research comes in handy so you can find out yourself. Make sure that you are looking up what each supplement does to your body before you take it.

    If you are smart about supplements they will work and be worth your money with out side effects, if you just buy something because it looks like the new craze then you might as well not even buy anything.

  • No supplement is necessary to achieve healthy weight loss or peak physical fitness. You can get everything you need from real, whole, natural foods.

  • Sports drinks are high in sugar. Mind that.

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