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    and then “I was one of those people who had tried unsuccessfully to take my weight off and keep it off. I was over 211 pounds, had been down to as low as 160 pounds and then skyrocketed back up to over 230 pounds. I am a 5’3 female so you can imagine what this must have looked like. I spent years following programs that counted calories or points or had me pretty much starve myself.. and then every time spend for mediation. some people asking What I really wanted was to look in the mirror and not be horrified… I wasn’t looking to be a supermodel. I just wanted to be happy with how I looked. Not only that but my doctor advised me that I was at an extremely high risk for various diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. With two kids this kept me up at night .so this down link more information details for The Nutrition you read and link and buy..

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