Can I gain weight from chewing gum? Will I absorb the carbs in it?

ItalianGirl Asked: Can I gain weight from chewing gum? Will I absorb the carbs in it?

I am on a low carb diet (not just being silly, I am genuinely a little over weight and need to lose it for my tennis) but I chew gum throughout the day to stop cravings. Recently saw on the back it says gum has 63g of carbs in(!!!) if I dont acutally swallow the gum, will I be absorbing these? Or do I absorb them when I just swallow with gum in my mouth???


Nieovi Answered:
Even if you do, it will be very little.

Thecowsaysmoo Answered:
If gum is helping you with the cravings then chew away!!!!

Nidal Answered:
hell no one time on the biggest loser they made them eat gum cuz its like candy that dont make u fat

Jessica Answered:
Yeah.. Try sugar free gum?:)

Derrick Answered:
The carbs are mainly sugar, which are flavorings, and you do swallow those. Sugar is probably the worst carb to eat on a low carb diet. Try switching to eating a healthier snack to stop craving such as a bag of veggies like carrots broccoli and celery or something like that. They are inactive carbs, also full of fiber, and will keep you fuller longer and also not spike your insulin(which tells your body to store). It also wont hurt to have a day out of the week every other week maybe where you can cheat. It helps with cravings a lot and won't really hurt your gains.

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