Fitness training with Tennis

Share this article on PinterestWhen playing Tennis  it is important to incorporate fitness components into training.

 Tennis training is all about learning the right technique for the different ground strokes, the volleys and serves.

Tennis fitness is about improving your footwork, your cardio, speed, reaction time and core strength. In order to get the best results, you  need to do the tennis training and tennis fitness together.  A well planned tennis training program will help a player become more efficient and more proactive on the court.

Here are different components of tennis fitness training that are  helpful for tennis players of all levels. 

Agility Training:


Agility training provides the ability to rapidly change direction, without losing speed, balance, or body control. Agility training also helps a player  focus on his tennis footwork technique and strength to become  more efficient while carrying playing strokes on the court.


Strength Training:


 Strength training helps players to become more powerful and explosive on the court. A strong player  is able to hit the ball harder. Apart from increasing power it also improves the ball control. Proper stroke mechanics are easier to learn if the muscles and joints are strengthened.  Strength training helps protect against injuries.


Flexibility training:


 Flexibility is  the range of motion about a joint and its surrounding muscles during a passive movement. An accurate flexibility level enables the player to  reach balls in extreme positions as well as  preventing  injuries that could occur while playing.


Individualized tennis training fitness program, should incorporate all the  areas mentioned above.  At a high level at least 1/3 of the total practice time should be devoted to fitness training for tennis. A big mistakes made by tennis players is to stop training for fitness during tournaments.

It is  important to do a minimum in order to maintain the current fitness level. Following a correct tennis training fitness program is essential for players who want to excel at each level of the sport.



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