Homemade Horse Toy Ideas?

Brown Horse Asked: Homemade Horse Toy Ideas?

I know many people have asked this, but I need some ideas for stall toys that don't take up too much room (ie, not a bucket or giant ball). My horse spends quite a bit of time in his stall. I have a jolly ball for him, constantly replace milk jugs, a rolling salt lick, and tennis balls hanging from a rope.

I don't want anything that takes up too much floor space because he likes to lay down a lot, and my trick is that he gets minimal turnout time because of this program we are doing (so nothing that requires room to run). I also can't get him lick-its because he finishes them in like 30 minutes.

Any ideas? 🙂


Haven T Answered:
If you don't mind cleaning it up, you could put some of his favorite treats in a brown paper bag, and let him rip into it. you could also just hide some treats around the stall. All my other toys, you already used so sorry I wasn't that much help. 🙂 Good luck

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