Is Rafael Nadal Illegally Doping?


So Rafael Nadal withdrew from the Olympics after the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) chief issued a warning to potential dopers stating that they should just stay home as this will be the most tested Olympics ever and there will be an array of new tests designed to bypass prior deficiencies.

This warning was issued on July 10th. A few days later after this Nadal makes first mention of possible “injuries” and a few days after that Nadal officially withdraws from the Olympics.


Nadal has in the past been a very vocal critic of the ITF’s anti doping policies saying that they are an invasion of privacy. Nadal is also a staunch defender of convicted doper Alberto Contador. It gets even more intriguing when you consider that Dr. Emmanuel Fuentes, the Spanish doping doctor, states that his list of clients included unnamed Spanish tennis players.

I remember the last time Nadal missed a major event (Wimbledon 2009) after being upset by Soderling in the 2009 French Open citing knee “injuries” and he came back to win 3 out of 4 majors the following year. Could he have been starting a PED/steroid regiment then? Maybe. More reason to start another one now that he lost to lowly Rosol in the second round of Wimbledon.

Now Nadal has been known to flirt with the rules commonly as he has used fake medical timeouts in the past to break an opponents momentum and to receive illegal coaching during matches from his Uncle Toni.

Nadal’s withdrawal from the Olympics alone is not reason to believe he is on PEDs, but coupled with the above there is strong circumstantial evidence. For those to say that he passed all the tests, keep in mind Marion Jones passed all her tests too showing that the tests can be beaten. As far as circumstantial cases go, there is no other case in tennis stronger than Nadal’s.

Exceptionally unlikely. According to data from the International Tennis Federation Nadal was tested multiple times in 2011, 7+ times in competition and 1-3 times out of competition. If he was doping one of those would have come up positive.

Nadal’s right, the doping tests ARE an invasion of privacy. It’s not a case of going into a room in private and urinating into a cup, it involves clearly exposing yourself so the tester can confirm the urine is coming from you not a prosthetic penis, being squeezed out of a bag or anything along those lines. Mind you, it’s hard to have much sympathy for someone like Nadal who’s made millions playing tennis.

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