Junior Tennis Holidays help kids improve their tennis

tennisJunior tennis holidays

For parents of kids who are enthusiastic about sports such as tennis, a tennis holiday is an ideal way to help your kids master the essentials of the sport and also have a great time!junior tennis

Summer tennis camps offer a tennis holiday which is intensive, helpful and provides hours of focused attention on the techniques of the sport every day. This is achieved through competitive games and personal one on one or small group coaching. Although there are certainly a number of important mental elements to tennis, the emphasis is still primarily on exercising the body, instead of the mind. The term “muscle memory” takes on a new significance, as exercises in fundamental forehand and backhand strokes, power serves, lobs and drop shots are repeated over and over.

Kids are grouped based on their experience and compete with other young players at or a little above their proficiency level – the best way to advance their abilties. Aside from that,a tennis holiday offers opportunities for one-on-one instruction with professionals, something that isn’t always available during the regular school year. Naturally, a significant component of the instruction is strength and fitness training, as better fitness can bring about enhanced performances and increased stamina. This type of kinesthetic learning is frequently supported by training videos and demonstrations, which provides a more visual and interactive way of teaching the body that has been shown to be more useful than wordy lectures.

Tennis is a game of sudden maneuvers and quick decision making, so competitors need to be skilled enough in the various strokes and techniques that their maneuvers come about almost at the reflex level. For instance, if an opponent likes to stand behind the baseline or does not like running, the natural strategy should be hitting a drop shot, which is just what it sounds like – the ball drops rapidly as it flies over the net. Having the ability to respond instantaneously with the best maneuvers involves lots of training which can be gained in an atmosphere of fun.

Since players may have different objectives for bettering their game, tennis holidays will offer a variety of tracks. Some offer tournament school for campers aiming for that level of competition, training camps for middle schoolers aiming for the high school tennis team, and obviously, a more general curriculum for kids at these academies who just want to compete and experience the game.

As it is an individual activity, tennis usually appeals to those young people who prefer one-on-one games. The equipment needs are not expensive- a good racket and a container of balls are essentially all you really need. By offering your child a tennis holiday you are adding valuable skills to the aspiring player.

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