Please help if your good at Tennis Skills and Rules? is probably the most popular sport played with a racquet. Which of the following lesser known sports is played with a racquet as well?(1 point)
2.Which of the following is NOT a popular surface for tennis courts?(1 point)
Hard Court
3.What is a player assigned when he/she serves a ball outside the service box?(1 point)
4.If a player serves two faults in a row, he or she will _____________.(1 point)
Lose the serve
Lose a point
Serve again
Lose two points
5.What tennis swing is used when a player needs to hit a ball on the opposite side of the racquet hand?(1 point)
Ground stroke
6.Which of the following swings is generally weaker?(1 point)
Ground stroke
7.Which of the following types of physical conditioning may be most important to a tennis player?(1 point)
Muscular strength
Aerobic endurance
All of the above
8.Which of the following is NOT a typical tennis competition?(1 point)
Mixed doubles
9.The ____________ is used to start each volley.(1 point)

10.____________ occurs when a server hits two faults in a row.(1 point)

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Buying Uggs boots online?

Asked: Buying Uggs boots online?

Okay so I'm getting Uggs boots and apparently none of the stores in Cedar Rapids, Iowa sell them so I have to buy them online.I've never gotten them and I don't know what size to get because my shoe sizes are all over the place.I wear 4 in converse 5 in boots 6 in heels and 7 in flip flops and Brooks tennis shoes…. any suggestions on the size?Do they fit big?I was thinking a 5 because that's the smallest but i don't know.

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I hate being bad at sports.?

Asked: I hate being bad at sports.?

I'm 14 years old and in ninth grade, I've played soccer my whole life– but the truth is, I'm awful at it. I've tried basketball, bowling, volleyball, tennis, (soccer, obviously) I'm too small for football.

I'm not really overweight, but I am gaining it because I don't make any tryouts. I get teased in gym class because I can't play ANY sport. I've practiced for weeks, even months, but I get no better..

It seems like girls are only attracted to sporty or athletic guys… What should I do?

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why is my doctor like this 10 points?

Asked: why is my doctor like this 10 points?

I play tennis and ever since 3 months ago my wrist has been hurting. I kept playing and it keeps getting worse. so i had enough so i decided to go see the trainer. I went to the trainer and he made me wrap and ice so i did. It keep getting worse and worse. The trainer said i had tendinitis and sprain so i went to the doctors today and he did nothing. I cant deal with this anymore. It hurt doing everything. Like writing, opening my locker and basically anything because its my right wrist. The doctor said he doesn't do coristone shot because im still a kid and my bones are growing. He said he doesn't think its anything but he sent me for an x-ray to put my mind to ease. i wont get it back until Monday.If i comes back normal, he not going to do anything. He said the best prescription is rest. I been resting for about a month now and obviously its not getting better. After the doctors i came home and cried because now i know im going to have to deal with this for the rest of my life.I worked so hard to get where i am now so giving up tennis is not an Option. Why wont my doctor do anything? i just cant take it. it feels like nobody believes me. What do i do?

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What would you name these peoples?

Asked: What would you name these peoples?

1)14 years old blond hair girl with green eyes.She is smart,rich and popular in school.She already had three ex-boyfriends and is now having a relationship with her older brother's best friend.Great in swimming and Maths.
2)12 years old blond hair girl with green eyes.She is the 1st character's younger sister and is great in sports.Loves tennis,football&basketball.
3)16 years old brown hair boy with blue eyes.Character 1&2's older brother.He is popular but a narcississ guy who think that he is the cutest boy at school but he loves his sisters and friends and would never harm them for all the world.
4)16 years old black hair boy with icing-blue eyes.He wears contract lenghts and is character 1's boyfriend(he's character 3's best friend).Loves football since he's the captain and he's cool and popular.
5)7 years old blond hair girl with green eyes.She is character 1'2&3's youngest sister.She is smart for her age and play the piano,violin and sing.
6)15 years old red hair Japanese girl with black eyes.She's half Japanese-German-Spain-English(her father is half Japanese-German and her mother is half Spain-English) and is character 3's girlfriend.She is very nice and sometimes babysits character 5 who loves her a lot.
7)Character 1,2,3&5's 39 years old single-mother.She is a fashion designer and is mean to her kids.(She dislike them because they all look like their father who left them for another woman.)
8)Character 1,2,3&5's 40 years old father who divorced their mother.He's a movie producer and a playboy.
9)Character 8's girlfriend number 1.She's an actress with blond hair and grey eyes.Flirty and hated by the producer's other girlfriends.
10)Character 8's girlfriend number 2.She is a sexy black hair model with green eyes.Mean and selfish.She have a three years old son whom she hates and bully(hits him when drunk).
11)character 8's girfriend number 3.She is an English teacher at character 1,2,3,4,6's school.She's the nicest of character 8's girfriends and get very well with character 1,2,3&5 and that make character 9&10 bully her everyday.
12)Character 10's three years old black hair son.He is cute and nice.Because his mean mother hits him he hates her and always cry.Character 1 can't take it as she see it everyday and she tells the father but he doesn't care and tell character 1 that it is character 10's son and she has the right to do everything she wants with her kid.
13)a cool 31 years old policeman.He is the policeman whom character 1 calls to tell him about character 10 hitting her son.(character 10 will go to jail)

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Good sign? Maybe she likes me?

Asked: Good sign? Maybe she likes me?

I volunteer with this girl every week. She is a new freshman in college and I know she is looking for more friends. She is very nice and outgoing, and we are texting each other occasionally. She always wants to play tennis with me but since we're both too busy we never got a chance haha.

But today, I was talking about how my mom wants a daughter so she can shop with her instead of me as a joke. My friends chimes in saying she wants to shop with my mom and tells me to tell my mom that. I state that my mom always tells me to get a gf so she can shop since she can't have a daughter and my friend states again that she can be the one my mom can shop with.

So maybe I am overthinking it, but i was very flustered. But she did later mention she has a boyfriend but I believe he is in a different college… so what's the verdict? Kinda confused.

She is the nice type but she doesn't strike me to be the flirty type. She usually asks me what's up and hints and says she wants to hang out and stuff, but it could be due to she doesn't know much people.

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