How can I take my tennis to the next level………..?

I’m only intermediate at the moment but want to get seriously hot at tennis. Im pretty inconsistent but I want to really improve so I have been using the ball machine a fair amount. The problem is my club is pretty dead most of the time so there arent a lot of people to play with. What do you think the best way to get awesome is? I cant really afford many tennis lessons at the moment.
Im 23 so quite old but do you think I should try and get into some adult tournaments or something? thanks


Okie dokie. I’m 13, female, and have a *bit* more flab than i’d like. I’ve started to make a habit of playing tennis every day (court in backyard) to both improve my tennis and burn those nasty calories. Usually i do a couple rounds on the ball machine after school (going to try getting in at least one before school too). I’m really focusing on trying to tone up the flab on my lower stomach. What kind of ab exercises should i do and is this the kind of cardio that will burn fat?

i’d also like some suggestions on meal proportions and what make good snacks. merci!

Tennis Tutor Plus tennis ball machine in action

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