ITF Tournament on coast this week

If you ever fancied playing some tournaments along the Costa del Sol  then why not consider playing in an  ITF Seniors event at one of the clubs on the coast.

At present Puento Romano  Tennis club in Marbella is hosting an event and Tony is playing today in the quarter finals singles.

Our club Forest Hills in Estepona will be hosting an ITF tournament at the end of Jan 2018- 23-28th .      so Keep  those dates in your dairy.

Will keep in touch with more news.


Biomechanics – What Is It and Why Is It Important For Tennis?

A few days ago I wrote a post mentioning something called biomechanics in tennis.

This term is extremely important because it is the foundation for good tennis technique. For some reason most people, even within the tennis community, don’t understand what it means.

This post will explain in plain English what biomechanics is, why it’s important in tennis, and why many coaches and organizations don’t want you to know about it.

 The study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living organisms

 This definition from Google explains biomechanics in its simplest form. A better explanation would be something like this:

Biomechanics is the study of the ‘mechanics’ of the body. While we don’t think of humans as machines, in many ways, we actually perform a lot like them. The concepts used in basic mechanics can also be applied to the body. Biomechanics is a large field which covers many things like the mechanical function of muscles, connective tissue, cartilage, skin, nerves, bones and joints. Biomechanics research also includes research that is focused on human movement and performance where the internal and external forces that the body uses to produce movement are examined. By taking the laws of physics and engineering and applying them to the human body, we are able to explore the relationships between body movement and the prospective outcomes. For example, we can learn how to run faster, hit the a tennis ball harder or what may cause injury.

Phew! Now that we got the technical stuff out of the way…

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The Benefits of Biomechanics

Basically, it’s studying how the human body naturally wants to move, and applying that to sports. By understanding biomechanics we can teach people to move in a natural way that optimizes strength and stability. By moving in a way our body likes we can remove stress and pressure on the bones, joints, muscles and ligaments. Doing so, reduces the risk of injury. Makes sense right? Yeah I think so too.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Teach This?

The odds are that most tennis coaches and organizations don’t even know what biomechanics is. Or if they do, they don’t understand it and don’t want you to know about it. Because if you did you would demand they teach tennis with this in mind. This would require them to admit they are wrong and re-learn everything they have been taught. And that’s way too much effort. It’s a shame because the field of biomechanics is well understood and taught in other sports such as sprinting, swimming and even cricket.

I Learned the Hard Way so You Don’t Have to

I have had an unusual amount of injuries through my tennis career. Back, knees, achilles, shoulder, you name it and I’ve probably had surgery there. It’s a regret that I did not have this information during my professional tennis career. It would have saved me from so many injuries. Changing my technique and adopting the principles of biomechanics has allowed me to stay healthy, improve my game, and continue to compete on the champions tour. If biomechanics has great benefits for a grandfather like me, imagine the potential it has to help the players of today.

I hope this post has given you a better understanding of what biomechanics is and why it is so important to tennis. In the coming weeks I will write about specific techniques, do in depth analysis, and give you biomechanically proven step-by-step guides on how to improve your shots.

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Health Benefits of playing Tennis

At the mere mention of tennis players the names that invariably come to mind are Bjorn Borg, Pete Sampras, Ivan Lendl, and Rod Laver. In the annals of tennis these people have gained popularity by showing their noteworthy playing abilities.

The skills they have shown on the court are enough to justify their international acclaim. They have paved the way for all tennis players.

Becoming a Tennis Player requires a lot of stamina. It is essential for tennis players to have a unique combination of mental and physical fitness, in a game that is based on quick reactions. Tennis helps you overcome mental stress. Playing with friends is a good way to unwind and shed the worries of a long day. Additionally, tennis is a great way to get in shape.

It is a game that provides an outlet for healthy competition, and a fun way to exercise.

Players who practice “dead-ball drills” constantly perform really poorly in matches. It is mostly because the instructor feeds the balls perfectly to the students. Consistent feeds prevent players from adjusting to different kinds of balls. “Dead-ball drills” however are the most useful kinds of footwork drills.

They can keep a large number of players moving if they are designed well. Cardio drills are good examples of the fitness benefit of well designed tennis exercises. “Dead-ball drills” also make great beginner drills since the best way to learn proper tennis technique at the beginning is through repetition.

The most effective and also most requested forms of drills are live drills. Usually the instructor or even a player puts the ball in play and the point is played out. Live drills also have a purpose or goal that the players try to achieve. Often the goal is to simply win the drill. Other times participants cooperate to attain a common goal such as keeping the ball in play for a certain amount of shots. Experts debate to this day whether competitive or cooperative drills are better. The best answer is probably a good mixture of both kinds of drills.

Properly designed tennis drills offer the most crucial ingredient which is fun. Every tennis coach should attempt to make drills game-like and engaging. Boring and mundane exercises can drive any player to certain burn-out.

It is very important for instructors not to lose the attention and interest of students with fresh drills and games. It is always challenging for tennis instructors to come up with new tennis drills again and again.

Tennis coaches are typically reluctant to share their drills and keep them privately. This is very counterproductive. All tennis professionals would really benefit from sharing their knowledge instead of guarding it.

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3 Tips to help improve your game

Most tennis players never actually reach their total potential in competitive match play. These 3 tips should help you quickly overcome any weaknesses so that you can discover just how good you can be at tennis.

1. Visualise a positive outcome– Before you play your match, consciously focus on all of your strengths as a tennis player. Really allow into your mind how good you are at certain aspects of the game. Now, whatever perceived weaknesses you have, visualize these inadequacies also as strengths. Tennis is an exceedingly mental game. Why so many players never reach their potential is usually because they are holding onto negative or limiting thoughts about their abilities. By focusing on your strengths and then visualizing that all aspects of your game is prospering, you will be miles in front of the majority of your competitors who are still stuck in negative self-talk.

2. Focus on having fun– It sounds extremely simple, but have you ever discovered that your game is at its best when your having the most fun? Contrarily, you may also notice that when you’re truly focused on the score and on winning, your game tightens up and everything becomes more serious. You are playing to have fun, right? So remember to enjoy the game even in the most highly competitive moments. Rather than berating yourself for missing shots, make a quality of curiosity around each element of your game. Ask how you might have improved a shot you missed instead of shouting at yourself.

3. When it doubt, become more aggressive– During tight circumstances, the instincual reaction is to tighten up and play more conservatively. This often leads to more unforced errors. By swinging more powerfully through the ball, you’ll likely notice that you are gaining the upper hand and putting more stress on your opponent. Your tennis fundamentals will improve by playing freely rather than more conservatively.

These 3 tips are really important when it comes to competitive match play. Remember, almost all of the game is psychological, and if you have got the right mindset, you can beat plenty of players who still struggle with these aspects of the game.

Are sports competitors now better than what they were before?

Sportsmen have frequently been a product of their age.

If you return to the 1900’s you had enormous barrel chested strongmen lifting up sofa’s with tons of people sitting on them. Now even in golfing you can see executives who have ripped arms, robust backs and quads and muscular pecs. This is the product of modern training and strength conditioning.


If you hark back to Arnold’s golden age of bodybuilding in the early to late 70’s. He was giant, great even compared to most of the other bodybuilders. But today if you saw him on stage beside one of the top 50 pro’s he would look seriously under developed.


Though bodybuilding has always had the closes link to steroids of any sport, the diet and training routines has gotten extremely howdy tec.

Runners have got faster, power lifters have got stronger, tennis players have gotten harder, and football has gotten much quicker. But does that mean today’s sports stars are much better than during the past?


Well such a lot of it has risen out of the psychology, supplements, and modern thinking in coaching, rest and recuperation. But if you look at how dedicated Bjorn Bjorg was, how single minded Arnold and Franco Colombo was, or the skill that Pele or George Best had, there isn’t any doubt in my mind these sportsmen would have excelled today.


Much of today’s sportsmen are a product of science and marketing grants as much as anything. The sportsmen in the decades gone by still had the determination and dedication to break all the prior boundaries set before them, so there’s no doubt in my mind they would be exactly the same today.

Sport and training is after all in the mind. If someone asserts you can not do it, you are gonna go out on a limb and prove them wrong. That’s the reason why records will always be broke, that is the reason why the boundaries of speed, strength and guile will always be challenged.

Tips to take care of your tennis court.

Being able to play a game of tennis whenever you want is a

great feeling, whither it’s for you or your residents.


There’s no greater joy for a tennis player than to have their own tennis court

. Windscreen, net posts, play surface, it all comes together for a great place for a match. But having your own court also requires a lot of extra work to ensure that it stays in great shape for years to come. Look over these tips to help keep your court on its game.

Keep your Court Clean – It’s important to make sure that your court is clear of debris and dirt that can cause premature deterioration of surfaces. Use the recommended push broom and/or water broom for your court’s surface type and remember to take care while sweeping and scrubbing. You don’t want to damage your court accidentally!

Clean Regularly – Set up a schedule that works best with your court’s surface type. Usually you’ll want to look over your court thoroughly every month. Be sure to check for any built up debris, signs of cracking, developing depressions or bubbling/blistering on the play surface. Any vegetation growing on or too close to the court surface should also be treated with a systemic herbicide. It’s also a good time to make sure that your nets and windscreens are in good shape and not over-tensioned to avoid additional damage to the posts and fence.

Beware of Water – Water poses a hazard to your play area. After cleaning make sure the area is dried thoroughly before playing. You’ll also want to avoid over-irrigation around the edges of your court. Taking too long between cleanings can result in stains or watermarks on your court surface and mar the appearance of the court.

Consider Fencing the Area – If you have a lot of nearby foot traffic you may wish to consider fencing in your court. This will help to keep unnecessary traffic off your court from unwelcome visitors, both human and animal alike. It also gives you other potential add-ons you can use for both play and daily maintenance, such as tennis windscreens

Invest in a Windscreen – Windscreens have a few helpful uses. The right color can help you track your ball better and aid in blocking out distractions from the environment. They also give the benefit of filtering out some of the debris that blows onto your court so you don’t have to sweep off the surface as much.

Take Care of the Court Surface – Skateboards, non-tennis shoes, maintenance equipment, all of them need to stay off the court if you want it to last a long time. These can damage the surface and result in costly repairs. You will also want to consider placing pads under any chairs or seating to avoid gouges in the surface.

Fix Open Cracks ASAP – With winter around the corner this is important! Water can freeze inside these cracks and cause extensive damage to your court surface. It’s better to get them filled properly by a professional early than to have to re-do your entire court after a few years from carelessness.

Always look into the recommended care instructions for your equipment and court surface. Keeping a regular maintenance regimen and taking good care of your court will ensure you can enjoy tennis throughout the years!

Investing time into your court will ensure you, or your residents can continue to play for years without worry. tennis court windscreen For more products designed to make your court last feel free to check this website.

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