New Zealand question?

What is the weather like in New Zealand?

I’m fed up of the cold weather in England and would like to emigrate to a hot (atleast somewhere you can get tanned skin all year round) country, preferably English speaking.

Where’s the best place to go?

do you think that murray will ever be mens world tennis no 1?

im in england and to be honest, i think the competition is too high and he will never make it…ever, i mean ‘ ever ‘
he is not my favourite by any stretch but i have enjoyed watching a many of his past games.

i dont think he will ever be mens no 1 at tennis, he has to get past rafa , novak and federer – although federer does appear to be fading a little now..

my favourite mens tennis player has to be novak, he has all what it takes to be no 1 for a very long time….i feel like a bit of a traitor being im from spain.

also wilfred tsonga , but i doubt he has what it takes to be no 1 seeing him play.

anyhow, appreciate what you have to say somewhat.

a davis cup or ryder cup style thing for football?

could it be plausibl? the top 4 or 8 leagues put forward 3 teams in a knockout tournament.
so it could be england vs spain, and which ever nation has more points goes through to the next round

then they draw which 3 teams play each other home and away. because i just don’t rate the way the europa league works, they do like what 3 months of qualifying, and a team that finished 1 place above them can get basically knocked out of the champions league and end up in the europa league

In terms of sport, what the English are best at is criticising their own stars – True or false?

I ask this in the aftermath of the England football result last week, as well as a general, ever-present issue in the UK media.

Allow me to quote a passage from the sports biography ‘The Rivals: Chris Evert versus Martina Navratilova’. The passage concerns seventies British tennis player John Lloyd, who was one in a very long line of British men vilified for not winning the Wimbledon Championships:

"When it comes to self-mockery or artful dissection of one’s own sportsmen, the English are unparallelled; they’ve made eating their children a highly stylised parlour game. They excel at self-flagellation and deep contemplation on big themes such as what English tennis players (or soccer stars, or cricketers…) reveal about the national character. A tepid adjective is never used when a hyperbolic one will do. Losses aren’t just disappointing – they’re disastrous, mortifying, unconscionable!"

Sorry for the ‘read-with-mother’ routine, but I thought this paragraph summed it up. Even Welsh and Scottish sport-stars are valued by their fellow countrymen when they lose, without the fanfare and condemnation displayed by us English.

Why exactly do the public and press have this inherent belief that England should be the best at tennis, football, cricket? And why do we (yes, I have done it too) slag off our sporting heroes when they cannot win the biggest trophies?

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