Sports Nutrition- Should one have the same nutrition everyday before playing any game?

I play one and a half hours of Tennis everyday followed by 10 minutes of swimming. I used to eat a couple of Banannas before playing but somebody told me that one should have different sources of potassium everyday as otherwise it ceases to have any effect on the body. This implies that I should have different sources of potassium everyday. I just wanted to confirm whether this is true. I feel fatigued at times but that could also be because of the weather or over exercising. Basically, can one have the same sports nutrition everyday?-

Tennis is a game for all ages and genders

Tennis is a popular sport played in many countries in the world. It is a game for all ages and genders. It is played with a racket made with strong cords. The racket is used to strike the rubber ball which bounces on the different sides of the court. Each player strikes the ball to the opponent‘s side throughout the game.

If you would like to improve your game, buying a tennis ball machine is advised. This machine was designed with the purpose of advancing sports. It helps the player to practice, hence enhancing their skill in the game. These machines are not very cheap; it is good to do a research before committing yourself to by one. Here are a few features you can look into before making that decision.

The first feature is the capacity of the machine

This is the total number of balls the machine can hold before you have to fill it again. The range is wide, but they rarely fall out of the a hundred to two hundred balls mark. Some could have a lower or a higher mark; it is wise to choose the one that really works for you.

The second feature is the oscillation.

This refers to how randomly the machine shoots balls out. A good machine should shoot balls in varied directions and should have the option of allowing the user to practice a particular shot by shooting the ball to a specific shot.

The third feature is the called the ejection jet.

This is how fast the machine is able to shoot a ball from itself. An acceptable range is one that can release between 10 miles per hour and 60 miles per hour. A slow one will not give a good challenge while a really fast one can injure you.

The fourth feature is the feed ball rate.

This is the number of balls the machine is able to feed the player. A good machine allows you to set ranges you are comfortable with. A good range is from every 2 seconds to every 12 seconds. Machines that allow you more control will be more expensive.

The machine should not be too bulky.

otherwise it will be very hard to be move around with it. Put its source of power into consideration when buying. Some use batteries while others have rechargeable batteries. It is advisable to get one that has its own batteries; not all tennis courts have power supplies in them.

The most probable place to search for a tennis ball machine is the internet.

You are likely to get a bargain. You can also ask those who know where you could get affordable machines. These include tennis pros, experts in the field and anyone you think is knowledgeable in tennis. They will give you tips on what to look out for in the machines and where to find quality machines at affordable prices.

Read reviews about a certain product before you purchase it. People give their opinions after they have tried the machine. This will help you come to better judgment of it. This article should help you find the right machine to meet your tennis needs.


Tennis is an enjoyable game that requires a lot of practice to become perfect

Tennis is an enjoyable game that requires a lot of practice to become perfect.

If you are looking to take your game to the next level you must train hard. Some players may think that becoming perfect means you have to admit to the coach’s schedule or use a training partner.

However, with tennis ball machine you no longer need a training partner or coach to fine tune and improve the level of your strokes. It is a ball machine well designed to help you become professional when it comes to shots and strokes.
How tennis machine can improve your game
The basic machine will help you practice your strokes by allowing you to practice with as many balls as you wish. There are however more sophisticated ball machines that will see you improving more on your game by putting random spins and patterns. This way, you can have your desired number of strokes.

Many tennis ball machines are able to hold around 50 to 300 tennis balls, giving you an opportunity to practice for a couple of hours. The best thing about this machine is that it is designed to help you produce correct, dependable and consistent stokes as you keep repeating the stroke patterns.

Correct reinforcement of the ball is easily achievable since the machine will provide balls that have the same height, depth and at the same speed.
You may also find more advanced tennis ball machine with a Dual-2-line oscillation feature. This feature will provide you with alternating forehand and backhand settings. This way, you will be able to change wings and grips as you practice. Dual-2-line oscillation will actually allow you to get more repetitions before getting exhausted.
Types of tennis ball machines.
There are battery operation machines and mains machines. Using the battery operation machines means you will have limited usage of about 3 to 4 hours a day. If you wish to train for longer, then you should consider mains machine. However, battery capacity can be extended with the recent models.
Selecting the right machine
When it comes to choosing the right tennis ball machine that suites your needs, a common factor to consider is the prize. Some of these machines are quite expensive; therefore you have to evaluate your budget first before you make an order. Another driving factor is the weight of the machine. This is not something you can tell by the look of the machine, it would be better if you try to move your desired machine around. You should also know the tennis ball capacity of the machine you wish to purchase. Although many tennis players may not get close to using all the tennis balls at a single training session, the capacity is still an important factor to consider. Other additional factors are charging requirements and the warranty.
Maintenance of the tennis ball machine
The machine will require wheel cleaning after use. When it comes to charging, make sure you leave the charger on ‘intelligent’ mode to avoid overheating. Leaving it on ‘part-charge’ mode for hours will destroy the battery. Good storage is also crucial.

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