Will a boy ever like me?

Asked: Will a boy ever like me?

I am feeling very hopeless, because every time I like a boy, they never like me back. Because of that, I possess very low self esteem. I think I am ugly, fat, and stupid. It's really sad :'(. Many people tell me I am really attractive, but I don't believe it. The one thing I am proud of is my writing ability. I love to write, and for once, it makes me feel invincible. This past summer, it was really rough:
This is a long story, sorry if it's too long…
In the summer (3 months ago), I met this boy that I fell in love with. He made me feel happy all the time during the camp I met him at. I could have sworn he liked me, because he would be very touchy feely. What I mean by touchy feely is that he would constantly put his arm around me or do that shoulder bump thing constantly. We would also pick each other as partners for a tennis match against another team in the camp. We were pretty much best friends in camp. He would tease me in a joking way, and if it was bothering me he would say sorry. We would also laugh together until our sides hurt. That boy made such an impression on me. I really loved him and still do. I gained enough confidence to tell him that I like him and I asked him If he felt the same way. He said quote: "I do as a friend". That made me really sad, and I have never recovered from it. After that, summer was over, but luckily I got his phone number and we would chat on the phone often. We talked for an hour on the phone (that bothered my best friend lol but she got over it). I didn't hear this directly from him, but he called me pretty and he missed his 'tennis buddy' when I was away on vacation. He would also try to cheer me up when I would feel really embarrassed at camp. He would text me goodnight often and he memorized my number so he wouldn't forget. I'm not sure why though. I want to know if he likes me back or does not. Was he lying about not liking me? Please help xoxo. I need your help in this situation.

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Which girl sounds "better"?

Asked: Which girl sounds "better"?

I am in a predicament…I like two girls. Let me explain them:

Girl 1: very attractive. I have liked her for 2 years. She is a swimmer and singer. Lead in school musical. She is the "sweatpants" type as far as I can tell. Her brother plays tennis, as do I. She got homecoming attendant. I dont know much more, besides where she lives and most of her classes. She always walks by me in the hallway.

Girl 2: very attractive. Somehow her parents know mine. She plays tennis, as do I. She also plays hockey. I havent liked her too long, but I of course do now. She is smart, a year ahead in math class, just like me. Weve talked a little bit in a tennis camp, where I said my friend wouldnt hurt anyone and he was a "teddy bear", and she said "I thought teddy bears should be cute." (Good burn haha) and I said "well i'm a teddy bear!" And she said nothing. Shes the "yoga pants" type. Known her for 3 years.

Both girls are a year younger than me, and i have no classes with them. What do you think? Im at a stalemate.

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is it weird my friend still likes this girl? 10 points?

Asked: is it weird my friend still likes this girl? 10 points?


There is a guy I have known since college when I was about 22.
He is very opinionated, loud and fun. Lots of girls said he is goodlooking. He is a sport guy, loves marathon running and long bike rides.
Anyway, he liked another girl at college back in 2009-2010. He didn't know her at first, but got to know her through a mutual friend.
There was another girl in the course who was blonde, athletic and so interested in him, but he didn't like her.
He like this other girl, Poppy, better. Him and poppy did some gym classes, tennis classes, and eventually argued over something (he tried to make her jealous by talking to another girl, she admitted she liked him and he denied liking her back!)
ANYWAY, this guy writes song lyrics about her! and he hasn't dated anyone since their little fight. And now she messaged him randomly and he replied (even though its his rule to not talk to people he argues with like that).
Why is he so smitten? Even if she was the prettiest person in the world, he hasn't physically seen her in 1.5 years!!! wouldn't he just forget?

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Why do girls stare at me even though I’m ugly?

Asked: Why do girls stare at me even though I’m ugly?

I always see girls staring at me even though I've been openly told by a decent amount of people that I'm not very attractive. I'm near-black skinned (from playing High School Tennis and running High School Cross Country) and everyone's always asking me if I'm Indian, probably because I've become so dark skinned from staying out in the sun all day doing the mentioned activities. I'm not Indian, but I look greatly like one, I assume. I don't mean to sound like I have low self-esteem or anything, because I don't, I don't mind going up to random people and becoming their friends, but I know I'm pretty ugly. So I was curious as to why girls glance at me and stare a lot. Is it because they have a tendency of looking at ugly/weird people or something?

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Does this girl like me?

Asked: Does this girl like me?

I like this girl at my school but she could get a lot cuter guy than me. She is probably an 8 and I'm like a 7 or 6 but like in pe we were playing tennis and she was like oh hey Matt… And I didn't even think Megan (her) would even know my name. Also me and my friend messages her on Facebook and my friend was like yeah Matt's spending the night at my house and they were like oh tell him we said hi and I have like barely talked to her and what should I do next I kinda have been flirting with her.

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Opinion on a girl situation? Need some serious help.?

Asked: Opinion on a girl situation? Need some serious help.?

Ok so there's this girl Sam that went to my high school. She was a junior while I was a senior. We were both members of this traveling stage band group that went to play at local elementary schools and nursing homes and such. We had both known of each other for at least a year before we started talking. This past March during the events leading up to and succeeding one of our concerts she began to converse with me appearing very interested. I had never taken much interest in any of the girls in our stage band at all so at the time I didn't think much of it. So I have trouble remembering exactly what happened at first. But regardless, we began talking/texting and seemed to get along very well. She seemed to enjoy my company very much at first. She did however comment about two weeks in, with my prompting, on how I could be paranoid about her remarks and how I was sometimes "there too much". Also, she would frequent my tennis matches where she would be bombarded by remarks from my teammates about being my girlfriend etc. However, she did come to several of these matches. After a while she seemed to get annoyed by my annoying sarcasm and constant need for validation. I would asked her constantly if she "liked" me to which she would respond "yes you know I like you a lot but sometimes you're too paranoid or you're there too much." I would constantly ask her friends, who seemed to like me a great deal, if she liked me which they would respond to with replies like "i think she's starting to" or we're "trying to get her to like you". In hindsight this was a poor decision because I assumed her friends were on my side rather than hers. Anyways after much time spent in group situations with her and her friends I eventually was able to hang out with only her a couple of times. We shared a few intimate moments but I feel as if they were all initiated by me. Of course she is an extremely quiet girl; someone who is very outgoing and comfortable around her reasonably large group of friends but doesn't talk much at all to others. I was basically her closest guy friend even after knowing her for such a short time. Anyway, after a while things really started to deteriorate. She started to get more and more tired of my constant need for validation, my paranoia, etc. It reached the point where, after the seniors stopped coming to school for classes, she stopped talking to me. I was really stressed out about this and knew she was getting my texts so i eventually just asked her to give me a final ultimatum on what was happening. She told me she was upset about my recent behavior (which I wasn't surprised to hear) and that she never was interested in dating. I, having a very low self esteem, panicked. I looked for quick validation, asking her if she ever at any point thought I was attractive to which she answered a blunt no. She then escaped the conversation while I felt so literally the lowest I've ever felt. It was like no matter how well I controlled the things I had power over, there was too much wrong with what I had no control over to achieve what I wanted. Anyway I got mad and began to basically yell at her for "leading me on". She then said she was done talking to me. A couple of weeks later me and a friend egged/trashed her house. My friend even **** on her driveway. Her dad found out it was me and besides having to make an apology I escaped any further trouble. While this made me feel good for a while I eventually realized I still had very intense feelings for her that ranged beyond just infatuation. I liked her mainly for her personality; I literally loved everything about her. Obviously though, it was too late. I tried to reach out to her friends but they labled me a senseless asshole and told me to drop it because "sam never had feelings for me" and "i created it all in my head". This made it hurt even worse. In conclusion, I still don't know what to do. I may have an opportunity to approach her again to tell her about how I feel/what happened but I still have so many questions left unanswered. Did I ever have a chance regardless of my dumb mistakes? Or was I just not "good enough" for her? Despite my low self esteem/image I still consider myself a pretty decently good looking guy (many girls have told me this). So it's not like I'm a creepy looking predator. But it's gotten to the point where I cannot let this go even 6 months later. She is the only thing I think about. I would literally do ANYTHING just to be close to her; she means that much to me. What is your opinion on the situation and what do you think I should now????

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