NYU: do I have a chance of getting in? Opinions?

Asked: NYU: do I have a chance of getting in? Opinions?

I know that the only way to really know is to apply, but I was wondering what the unbiased opinions of the internet are.So if you could skim this and give me an opinion? I'm interested in majoring in marketing or creative writing.

Total (weighted) GPA = 3.5
Total (nonweighted) GPA = 3.4
Sat score, which I plan to retake soon= 1700, Reading 630, Math 450, Writing 620
Literature Subject test= 690
U.S. History Subject test = 500
I am confident that I can write a strong admissions essay.
I am Lebanese and Mexican, relatively low-income family
Extracurricular Activities: Managing Editor of the school paper, founder/ president of a creative writing club, JSA debate club member, christian club memeber, varsity soccer player (two-time league champs, and CIF finalists) varsity tennis captain, director of two animated films and one school-wide documentary,
Advance Placement classes: World History, U.S. History, Government, American Lit., World Lit., Environmental Science.
Classes: Three years of Spanish, four sciences, English, and social studies, math up to Algerbra 2, two years of animation, journalism and P.E.

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What chance do I have of getting into nyu, northeastern, boston u?

Asked: What chance do I have of getting into nyu, northeastern, boston u?

I got straight A's my freshman and sophomore year, but then my junior year I got an 82 in Pre Calculus Honors, a 89 in physics honors, and an 87 in AP Government. Weighted my GPA is still a 4.0, but unweighted it's probably around a 3.8 maybe. I also got a 1650 on the SATs. I am also in the national honors society, I did an internship in a lab at rutgers university, i play tennis and the piano, I also know italian as well. If I bring up my SAt score do you think I'd have a chance?

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Is 18.5 credits for a freshman too much?

Asked: Is 18.5 credits for a freshman too much?

I'm in my first year at college and starting to plan my schedule for the winter semester. I'm an undecided major and just want to see what major I should go for.
Is 18.5 credits too much to balance at least 5 hours of work and a social life…?

My classes include:
Intro to Computer Science 3 credits
Music 101 (GE) 3 credits
Biology 101 (GE) 3 credits
Beginner's Tennis 0.5 credits
Chinese 102 4 credits
Intro to Humanities of Asia (GE) 3 credits
Religion 2 credits

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What do girls like to talk to us guys about?

Asked: What do girls like to talk to us guys about?

There's this girl I'm way into right now, and we've recently started talking and texting frequently. I'm really worried about boring her or seeming dull.. I like talking about things like politics, philosophy, technology, and cars; the problem is those things bore most girls to sleep, including this one. Mutually, we both like things here and there like tennis, clothes, and a good coffee.. but what are things she (or girls in general) love to talk about? how can I avoid being boring and focus on being exciting and flirty? What are things that I should NOT text to her?

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Could I get into the University of Georgia or Mercer with these stats?

Asked: Could I get into the University of Georgia or Mercer with these stats?

I have a 3.5 GPA
Out of my all my classes since freshman year I have taken 5 AP's and 5 Honors. I've made A's and B's throughout high school. I'm ranked 80 out of 392 kids in my graduating class so top 20% I think. I'm also a Hispanic student who has strived to do my best in school.
My extra curriculars are:
Sports: JV Soccer, recreational soccer
Recreational Swimming
JV tennis
JV cross country
Varsity soccer
Clubs/ other:
Beta club
National honors Spanish society
Student government association-
Sophomore: member
Junior: junior class treasure
Senior: senior class treasurer
Orchestra since 6th grade. Played violin
Thespian Troupe
Drama Club
Spanish Club
Yearbook- sophomore: staff
Junior:business manager
Senior-business manager
Volunteer work: I've done 3 volunteer jobs with my church
And many community jobs with the clubs I'm involved in.
Leadership: I've gone to nation wide camps such as HOBY -Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership
Georgia Boys State and voted in state office as a commissioner
I was also a family leader at church camp
And have had a job since 9th grade working in a restaurant as well as a short internship at a dentist office.
I have received many music achievement awards
Received letters for sports,music, and drama
Academic athletic awards
A/B honor rolls since middle school and up
And excellence in 2 of my AP classes and 3 of the Honors and other regular classes

My test scores for my ACT was a 19 junior year but a 21 senior year. I still have a chance to take the test again maybe twice and I'm going to take it again. I'm going for schools such as Mercer University, and the University of Georgia. Will I not be able to get in? Can my extracurriculars at least make up for some of my low scores? I am still a high school senior and have about maybe 1 or 2 chances to raise my score which I will retake. And I don't really feel that I will be able to make a 28 in time to apply for UGAs or Mercers standards. Could this possibility get me in or am I out of the runnings to get in?

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a couple of questions about college extracurriculars?

Asked: a couple of questions about college extracurriculars?

ok im a senior in high school. and this year im doing a lot more extracurriculars then i have in the previous years of high school. my question is will that still count or will that look bad to colleges?
do these look good?
tennis 4 years (varsity 3 years)
student council(executive board) this year so 1 year
national honor society 2 years
lasallian ministry 2 years
students in action 2 years
yearbook 1 year this year
math league 3 years
pep band 3 years
would symphonic band count if we played concerts? if so then 3 years
and student tech comittee 1 year this year
im considering science club and quiz bowl for this year

does that look good on application or will colleges not like that i havent been in everything all 4 years?
i have a good GPA i just want to get into good schools!

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Could I make it into a top college if I keep this up?

Asked: Could I make it into a top college if I keep this up?

I'm a freshman in high school. I have five regular classes and two honors. I have all A's except for one B in Honors Biology, but I'm about to get a tutor, so that should hopefully get better soon. So, I have about a 4.15 at the moment, but I'm aiming for a 4.2. I'm in colorguard. I'm going to do either track or softball in the spring, probably only JV for both. I take tennis lessons, but I don't know if that counts. I volunteer at an animal shelter. I'm involved in two clubs. I have a babysitting job, but it's not regular, so again, not sure if that counts.

If I keep this up all throughout high school, could I get into an Ivy League College?


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