Part 8 – How To Lose Weight In A Week

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How can I be a tennis player with muscular physique?

Asked: How can I be a tennis player with muscular physique?

So, since a 1 year I started lifting weights to build a muscular body, and at the same time in this year I stopped practicing tennis which is my hobby, because in order to build muscles I need to avoid intense sports that consume alot of energy and start consuming the muscle tissue for energy, so after this year I have reached my goal body physique I wanted and now I'm going back to start doing intense cardio to lose the fat I gained from bodybuilding and also strengthen my heart and my inner health, to get back as professional as I were before starting this bodybuilding campaign…
I there any way I can do that without sacrificing my muscles??

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I’m needing a prescription but I don’t have a doctor or money for one, just turned 18.?

Asked: I’m needing a prescription but I don’t have a doctor or money for one, just turned 18.?

I've got horrible athletes foot that I have been dealing since I was 8, and I thought I was able to handle it thinking my skin was more dry and callused than it was a fungus infection, but it has now spread to the top of my feet and close to my ankle and in between my toes where I can't help but to relieve myself and it is now raw and pink I can't stand it anymore.
I work a lot now where being in moist climate is inevitable and I am always getting water is my tennis shoes.

How can I go about getting a prescription? Over the counter medicine WON'T work , and I have never gone about seeing a doctor or having my own. I don't know where to start and I don't have insurance or money to get health insurance.
It's getting to the point were I just can't take it anymore, it's even spreading to my fingers from messing with it too much.

What can I do? How do I see a doctor?? Or get a prescription?

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Speech problems? Teenager?

Asked: Speech problems? Teenager?

Sometimes when talking to my friends or anyone I find that I stutter or slur my words. I try several times to get my sentence out but I just can't say it or can't think of words, it comes out as gibberish and its really frustrating and embarrassing when I'm reading something out in class

I have no health problems or learning disability, I've always had problem with spelling but nothing out of the ordinary. And I find that I forget things that happen and repeat myself 3 or 4 times but once I repeat it I relise I have done already done it. This could be something small like asking a friend what lesson I have. This happens about 2-5 times a day.

I'm a private person so don't really want to go to the doctors or tell my parents because my sisters got "issues" at the moment. I'm 15 year old girl and am healthy and enjoy playing tennis and music and have no difficualty doing that.

Is there anything I can do to help stop things like this happening or at least stop them from happening as often as they do. Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks. Its been happening for about 1 and a half years but I'm begging to notice it more now.

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Eating Healthy, Exercising, Not Losing Weight?

Asked: Eating Healthy, Exercising, Not Losing Weight?

Hey, so I'm just curious what's going on with me here. I'm 16, nearly 6 feet tall and 235 pounds and eat 1000-1500 calories a day. I just started eating healthy like this around the beginning of August. I'm not just eating a small amount of calories, the things I eat are healthy and good for you, I also take vitamins. Now, I haven't eaten flawlessly 1000-1500 for a month straight, I've had occasional bad things but on average in the past month I've had 1000-1500. I've also been playing racquetball pretty often and since I've started school I'm in PE every day in addition to playing tennis and racquetball outside of school. I've been sitting between 233 and 236 pounds for weeks. Am I actually losing fat and gaining muscle or am I just not losing any weight for some reason? I've noticed my right tricep area is a little tighter from racquetball but that's about it. I figure there is no way that I'm gaining muscle so fast that it's keeping me at the same weight while losing a bunch of fat, especially not from just playing racquetball. Any ideas/thoughts would be much appreciated.

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