A Tennis Ball Machines allows You to Practice without a Coach.

Whatever the level of player you are, buying a tennis ball machine is an investment you should undertake as it enables you to practice without the need for a professional trainer (coach).

However, it is very important that you make the best choice if you want to enjoy your drilling or if you are just taking some strokes when no one is around. The versatility of tennis ball machines has been made more pronounced with the modern technology and hence the variables in programming them is virtually endless.

Before buying these machines, you need to consider the following things.
1. Budget

Buying a tennis ball machine can be quite challenging investment given that most of these machines are very expensive. In most cases, their prices can range from moderately expensive to quite expensive. Consider buying a model that fits into you budget, especially if you are buying for your personal use.

2. Power

This is one of the most important considerations you should put into account before buying tennis ball machines. Majority of these machines are designed to be powered by batteries because some tennis courts do not have a power outlet. Unfortunately, some batteries are designed to power the machine for just a few hours while others can provide power for up to eight hours. If you intend on using the machine in a court without a power outlet, then buying a portable one that is powered by batteries would be a prudent idea. Similarly, buying a tennis ball machine without a battery is the best option if your tennis court has a power outlet.
Lobster Elite Grand V Tennis Ball Machine

3. Control

Control is basically the heart of every machine and tennis ball machines are no exception. For instance, you may consider buying a design you can control remotely if you will be alone. If you cannot find such a machine that uses a remote control, then you can opt to buy them as accessories.
4. Oscillation

A machine with an oscillation feature has the ability to shoot the ball in different directions and some also have the ability to place shots randomly. You should therefore consider buying a machine with good oscillation features if you want to practice anticipating shots. Ideally, such machines are more suitable for intermediate and advanced tennis players. Also, consider buying a machine you can program its shot placement.
5. Capacity

Capacity plays a big key role in helping you decide on the design tennis ball machine to buy. These machines can hold as much as 300 tennis balls and as few as 30. If you want to practice without any interruptions, then it is worth considering the machine with a higher capacity even though such a machine would be so cumbersome to move around with. On the other hand, a low capacity tennis ball machine is lighter and hence it’s much easier to move around.


These are just a few things you should consider before buying tennis ball machines. For the best results, you can use your machine in conjunction with guidance from a professional coach if you want to improve your game rapidly. You can browse through some models available online before making your choice.

Vamos Rafa !! Five in a row :D !! Thoughts on the match ?

I thought Rafa played really well πŸ˜€ At some points in the match he did look a little bit rattled but he was totally solid in the end πŸ˜€ !!
Five in a row !!!
The trophy was huge haha πŸ˜› Just as well Rafa has those huge biceps haha πŸ˜›
Thoughts on the match ?
Aww how sweet is his smile πŸ™‚
Melts my heart every time (L) lol πŸ™‚

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Rising blood presure, rapid heart beat?

Asked: Rising blood presure, rapid heart beat?

Ok! I really don't know from where to start. I'm in the hospital from almost 4 days and no one seems to know what's wrong with me and doesn't seem like they care either. 4 days ago I was at the dentist and he inject me with an anaesthetic. After about 15 minutes after that I started to shake with my whole body my blood presure went to 170/90 they called ER but before they got there I was already stabilized. So I went home and all day I felt my heart like it was a little bigger. In the morning I woked up refreshed myself and when I started to have breakfast I got a little dizzy and my heart beat went super fast. Not a while after I started to shake with my whole body( I am not cold, I just shake), so I called 911 and they put me an injection for lowering my BP it was 160 somewhere. So the same day I got into the hospital and every morning when I woke up I get this rapid heart beat, I start to shake and my blood presure is rising instantly….after the injections my blood presure is normalised 120/80, but I can get worse anytime again…however this morning was different because yesterday i got some pills and for now they seem to work because this morning I was again shaking but with less heart beat and it released me in 5 minutes, but my blood presure was 90/55 and after the shake it was 100/60 i guess it's from the pills….but still no one knows what is wrong with me and no one can give me even some suggestions. For now all I know is that the ECG shows that everything is normal and doctors tell me that is from stress which I don't believe is true. I am 20 years old, athletic type, I have a really strong and happy relationship I can't stand doing nothing all day, I go to run, fitness, i play tennis and etc. I suggested the theory that it's from the anaesthetic that the dentist put me, because all this started from there but for the doctor it's just a coincidence. Oh and I forgot to mention that sometimes my heart beats so strong that i move with the bed literally.

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what can i do help me ?

Asked: what can i do help me ?

You know that feeling that you get when somebody hurt you!!!! Yeah that the feeling I have. I feel like someone got my heart and dance on top of it. Its anger what I feel the most and I cant help but feel it. She knew I liked him yet she talked to him, flirted with him and she herself has a boyfriend. Its not all her fault though he knew I liked him yet he flirted with her too ****** playing tennis together and ****. My heart is hurting as I write this but what can i do. I hate them both. But more him now than her with a passion. I deactivated my facebook hoping that Ill get over this. I know I wont,I believe its actually going to hurt more especially when I cant tell nobody about it. I hate this feeling.I really wish both of them the worse. I really really do :(..you guys might think am acting immature and that i should get over it but this is the guy i liked for 2 years and sheeee knew that so let me be.

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URGENT!!!! its my one year anniversary…?

Asked: URGENT!!!! its my one year anniversary…?

Okay so im 15 and me and my boyfriend have been together for a year, and were like best friends, were both nerdy, he loves harry potter and Pokemon, hes the school mascott and plays soccer and tennis, and the whole school loves him, and i cant get him anything :'( its tommorow 10-18 and i love writing poetry, so im good at that, i just need some inspiration, i wanted to make one about the things he loves the biggest thing we have in common is were christian, we love tennis and adventure time, so i can write about that, i cant make him cookies or anything i cant bake, neither can my mom… but i just don't know what to do, tomorrow we have a 2 hour delay, so i am going to get up and wear a cute outfit and curl my hair, so i want everything to be perfect! just please give me some ideas and we cant go out after school, well i have cross country and he has soccer were going to youth then i have to go home after because it will be like 9:00 i mean, he told me i dont have to show him i love him he already knows but i still want to do something ya know?

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How do serbs feel towards other europeans?

i live in the uk, im originally from southern europe, spain……my favourite mens tennis player is a serb novak djokovic ‘ the pure at heart ‘…..i just wondered how in general serbs would feel towards me being a non serb but liking djokovic and serbia if i moved there ?

would they like a brit better?

i am not just spain heritage by the way im french to. so a mixture of european.
btw i was thinking of moving to belgrade serbia, this is why i ask.


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