Possible jobs in sports???

i love sports. i’m a sophmore in high school and have made varsity teams in bball, softball, and golf. basicly i love playing sports. if i dont make it in sports i think it would be smart of me to have a back up plan. my back up plan is majoring in sports management. i think it would be awesome to manage other players. i just dont know if there is any money to be made in that field. it is highly competitive from what i here. does anybody have any other suggestions on what i could do with my life. i want to go to a 4 year university on possibley a sports scholarship i have a 3.0-3.3 gp and am wondering what jobs have the best outlook and make money while having some fun doing the things i love…sports. i’ve looked into sports nutrition sounds interesting but not quite what i’m looking for. sports medicine is alright but i dont want to have to touch anybody else and tell them how to stretch and what not. i think sports management is the way to go possibly with an emphasis on marketing.


How much training would i need to do to become pro???
i wake up and do warm up exercises, medicine ball exercises, 200 skips and then i hit for 2 hours.
What else would i need to do?
Im still young and am aspiring to become pro as im only 14.
Please help! Thanks!
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is it worth going to france to train?