Kretzer Kid – Catherine Zeng

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Iberostar Tainos Varadero Cuba | Activities and Entertainment | by

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Perth Arena Opening

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Daniella or Elena/Elaina?

Asked: Daniella or Elena/Elaina?

OK, I'm still unsure about the name for the main character in my next story. She has blue eyes and dark blond hair. She's slender and fit. She is adventurous, creative, easy-going, friendly. Her hobbies are foreign languages, tennis, fitness, listening to music, singing and writing poetry.

Opinions on the names, middle name suggestions and other name suggestions are really welcome.

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Could i be a scene girl!!!?

Asked: Could i be a scene girl!!!?

hi i was thinking about becoming a scene becuz its fits with my personality, i wear highlights, eyeshadow, lipgloss, i CANT live without my music or ill die( rap and rock) i like sports: varsity basketball, volleyball and regular tennis, and track. i also do a little skateboarding everyonce in a while, i am 5'9 so wear mostly flats, like converse, vans, nikes, i want to get a belly piercing and lip piercing when im 15 or 16 (im 14 turning 15 in about 2 months) and i have facebook:) an a lot guys flirt with me but i wish i could be with a scene guy. they are hot:)

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On The Line 2004

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I’m having problems with my bestfriend, please give me advice?

Asked: I’m having problems with my bestfriend, please give me advice?

My besfriend has a lot of annoying things about her. She has a tendancy to rant, like when someone asks her a question she will answer it and go on and on and on and take like 2 minutes to answer a simple question. It can be a bit awkward. Whenever she is upset about something i always sympathise and offer her my best advice. WHen im upset she sympathises and says like "awww that sucks, im sorry :(" and thats it. she doesnt really seem to want to talk about it.

Also she gets p*ssed off SO easily!!! like we were meant to hang out one time but i had to cancel our plans because i had an appointment that my mum had booked without me knowing. She said that it was fine but was acting all cold towards me. Then i find a post she made on tumblr saying how p*ssed off she was at me, and how angry she was.

Sometimes i wish that I had a different bff because we dont even have that much in common. i am really into fashion and whatever is in style and she wears weird punk/rock looking outfits. I love all different kinds of music and shes really into heavy metal and rock. and some of the celebrities, and themes and stuff can be a bit hardcore in the rock world, which doesnt bother me EXCEPT shes not just into that music, she actually tries to live that lifestyle and be like the people in the bands she likes.

Theres a guy that we both know who likes to tease people and joke around and it doesnt really bother anyone except for my bestfriend. she gets so upset by every joke he makes, even though they arent offensive, they are just light teasing like "man you suck at table tennis!" etc. and the other day he commented on her new profile picture "what a poser lol" and she literally flew off the handle. She was so upset and offended and angry. she sent him a message about it and he replied "jeez, it was just a joke! didnt know you couldnt laugh about it lol" and then she ranted at him some more and he replied stuff like "whatever, dont be so sensitive" etc. Then i saw she made a post about the whole thing on tumblr and she totally exaggeratted and lied about parts of it, for example, she said that he replied to her saying "take a joke you stupid *****." and i KNOW he did not say that, or anything near that harsh. She does that a lot, like exaggerates and makes things sound way worse than they are.

Also, last night we were talking on faceboook and all of the sudden she quit replying and i KNOW she was online and saw the message. and then today on facebook she makes a post about these two girls she knows online saying how awesome they are and how much she loves them and how theyre just the most amazing people ever.

Anyway it's just little things like that, and her annoying habits etc that make me wonder why we're even friends. I mean, she definitely has her good qualities too, and im glad we're friends when it comes down to it, but i just dont really know what to do. I mean should i try to get closer to someone else so that I have a different person to call my BESTfriend, or what….? This probably won't get any answers, but at least I got to get my feelings and frustrations out there. If you read this whole thing, then youre a legend lol.

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