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Should I quit tennis?

So, I am now currently 13 have been playing tennis since I was 9/10… And when i was 9/10 i droped out of public school and went home schooling so i can focus more on tennis. At first I was really enthusiast and loved it! Then i started playing more tournaments and loved it more.. But the thing was my parents made me decide wheter i wanted to do tennis really serious or school or acting i chose tennis but had doubts.. Another thing i hate watching tennis, love the game and watching my friends is ok but watching tennis idk why but i get bored from it.. Then my parents though i didt love the game, and i have always been a video game lover so i spent my free hours just playing video games and my parents thought i shoudl watch more tennis.. Now im not sure what to do, i know i can maybe make something in tennis but i also know i love other things, i really just dont know what to focus on. And my mum believes in me just my dad sometimes complicates things for me. And another thing is I like to wear band shirts or video game shirts when i play tennis.. And my parents say i dont dress up profesionally an that i should.. But i do like to wear band shirts or video game shirts they mean alot to me as well. I just really dont know what to do.. I also have no friends since i just sometimes meat kids on tournaments but i coulnt make anyfriends and i just dont know. What do u think i should do? Carry on playing tennis or just quit?

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I miss my Dad, ADVICE? Please.?

Asked: I miss my Dad, ADVICE? Please.?

I miss my Dad so much! He moved to California last week because he wasn't happy here anymore.My parents are divorced and they really don't get along at ALL. It hit me today when I was going through pictures of our family. Im really happy he's happy with his family in California but Im really upset he moved. He was a great Dad he spend every time with my twin and I for over 13 years (Im 13).Now, my mom wants full custody due to the rights he had when they got divorced becuase he moved out of Florida. He said that he's afraid we can't see him until were 18 years old. I really do miss him, I was also a Daddy's little girl always play tennis and basketball with him. I thought to stay together forever but sadly no :(. He wasn't happy in the marriage so he left :(. Any advice to help me cheer up?

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Anyone else left handed but their right arm is stronger (has more muscle)?

Asked: Anyone else left handed but their right arm is stronger (has more muscle)?

I am left handed.I write lefty, throw lefty, eat, brush my teeth and stuff like that lefty, shoot pool lefty, bowl lefty, etc.But my right arm is stronger, as in it has more muscle.This probably because when I was little and started playing tennis (instinctively lefty), I wanted to play righty like everyone else and started to play righty, and I just continued playing that way, which therefore has probablyover time built up more muscle in my right arm.I can play tennis lefty ok, and I have recently started playing ping pong left handed and it feels much more natural and I like it better than playing right handed, but it's lighter and different than tennis.Anyone else this way too?

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How to tell my parents I have a boyfriend?

Asked: How to tell my parents I have a boyfriend?

Hi everyone! I hope you can help me here. I'm 15, and I already have a boyfriend since 3 months. However, I go to a rigorous tennis academy and my parents want me to focus on tennis and not on buys. However, my boyfriend is really good to me and supports me in all my matches and I really like him. he is also a tennis player. I'm really scared to tell my parents and I have been lying to them for 3 months already, them believing I'm not seeing anyone. The other problem is, he's 19 and already graduated and has a car. My parents will never approve of him, but I'm just so happy finally having a boyfriend who likes me for me and will support me and I don't want to let him go. Here is a picture of us, please tell me if he looks too old.

I really need your advice! What is the best way to tell my parents and how will they ever accept him if he is 4 years older? I really don't want to break up with him!

Thanks so much!

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