What to wear to spain?

I’m going to Spain in the middle of april with my school. I know the temps will be in the 70s but cooler at night, but what sorts of things should I bring? Shorts? (all I have is short shorts) Jeans? Dresses? I will be bringing a few scarves too. What about going in cathedrals and such?

What about shoes? I’m not really interested in wearing a clunky pair of tennis shoes the whole time, as it will ruin my outfit.. haha but are there any other options? Should I buy vans or something? Any suggestions would help!

Thanks a bunch! Also, I’m going in a group of 30 so I’m not totally interested in blending in with the locals as we will look like a crazy group of tourists anyway. πŸ™‚

Does going to the gym for 10 mins a day make you skinny in three weeks?

I go for a 25-30 min run (sometimes walk a little maybe 10 minutes) on mondays, Spinning on Tuesdays, Circuits on Wednesdays and Swimming on Friday mornings plus rounders and tennis (the sport this term) I don’t eat bad stuff, I’m trying to drink lots of water and just eat salad and meat.. the stuff that’s for dinner or lunch – do you think this will help me lose weight in 10 weeks. I have this urge to be toned and looking good for someone i really like in spain.. tell me honestly..

Anxiety/Sickness Problem?

Hi I’m a 17 year old boy/male who’s been having this problem arguably for a bit over a year.

This is all guessing from me, and I’m planning on seeking specialist help soon, just asking what you guys think first.

So the problem is that under circumstances where I believe I feel pressured, I get this horrible sick feeling in my NECK area, it seems like my adams apple gets a bit larger, but unsure on that. I have no problems in my stomach or chest area, just at the front of my neck and back of mouth I feel a sickish feeling. Often if I am sick, I feel a lot better and relieved, but its unlike real sick that people would get from being ill or drinking or what have you. There is usually little sick, or non at all (guitar or just retching) and my stomach feels in agony immediately after for a few seconds (way more than normal sick).

My mum remembers me having it in 2004 (age 8) when my dad was ill and in 2006 (age 11) when I was close to sitting my SAT exams.

Recently though, it’s really sprung to life from June 2012 – Present: (Note the sickness feeling USUALLY happens before these sort of events, when I get there it’s okayish, but can crop up again)
-Playing in a tennis tournament on holiday and with my GF watching
-GCSE and AS results
-First day of new school 2012 and 2013
-Kayaking in Spain

There’s plenty more but I assume you get the picture of when it’s happening. Recently though (as in the past few days) i’ve been having the sickness feeling in my neck constantly, I used my two gin gin s sweets to try and stop the nausea but they hardly last. I also took emergency essence in the morning. I end up biting my lip and pressing on my gums to cause pain to distract myself, but it’s becoming petty. I really want to get over it so I can start doing fun things again without having to worry.

What is it looking more towards? Some heavy drug or would I be able to overcome it through CBT or something? If I try not to think about it it just makes it worse, I guess my mind is pretty weak, lol.

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

do you think there should be a wage cap put in place for footballers across the globe?

fifa should also introduce a maximum transfer fee because it is getting stupid now, Β£125,000,000 for one player ??even though it didnt happen it would have if he had agreed.

it seems as though unlike 10 or 15 years ago, the only way to win a title is if you can spend spend spend.

they should also enforce a rule where at least 6 players in the match squad should be english / british based. the reason why the english national team fails is because unlike spain, all the top teams are full of foreign players that push the young english kids out.

do you think that murray will ever be mens world tennis no 1?

im in england and to be honest, i think the competition is too high and he will never make it…ever, i mean ‘ ever ‘
he is not my favourite by any stretch but i have enjoyed watching a many of his past games.

i dont think he will ever be mens no 1 at tennis, he has to get past rafa , novak and federer – although federer does appear to be fading a little now..

my favourite mens tennis player has to be novak, he has all what it takes to be no 1 for a very long time….i feel like a bit of a traitor being im from spain.

also wilfred tsonga , but i doubt he has what it takes to be no 1 seeing him play.

anyhow, appreciate what you have to say somewhat.

Vamos Rafa !! Five in a row :D !! Thoughts on the match ?

I thought Rafa played really well πŸ˜€ At some points in the match he did look a little bit rattled but he was totally solid in the end πŸ˜€ !!
Five in a row !!!
The trophy was huge haha πŸ˜› Just as well Rafa has those huge biceps haha πŸ˜›
Thoughts on the match ?
Aww how sweet is his smile πŸ™‚
Melts my heart every time (L) lol πŸ™‚

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