Tennis Workout/fitness plan help please :)?

I am currently enrolled in a tennis academy which includes play everyday and conditioning. I play at a county level and regularly play and beat county players. I hit strong classic top spin swing style forehand but my backhand is more varied as i hit a two handed, one handed federer style and slice one handed. I have only recently began hitting the top spin one handed and even though i play many other sports and have a decently athletic build i do not have the required strength to hit the ball with the power and amount of spin i want and think i should be capable of.

I have an athletic build with decent muscle and a muscular stomach and have decent arm muscles. I can run 3000 metre in a decent time and am not a sprinter or really a distance runner.

I basically want to get help with a long term fitness plan which will inprove my core fitness, tennis specific and strength. At my disposle i have a 20kg dumbell set, a multi weight machine, and a cross trainer. Also to help with relaxing muscles and possibe i am fortunate to also have a hottub, swimming pool and sauna.

Any help would be well appreciated.

Overcome Stagnation by Going Outside and Moving Your Body

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should the olympics JUST be athletics and nothing else?

Asked: should the olympics JUST be athletics and nothing else?

i think it should just be one arena with the torch and have running, jumping, throwing, weight lifting, gymnastic etc all happening there

surely thats the tradition of it as well?

the world already has major international competitions with football, tennis etc so i dont see much magic in it

the only problem is the swimming pool stuff, i think it should be in the olympics, maybe, but that gives me a problem with my 'one arena' opinion


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Tampons for sport? Or can I use pads?

Asked: Tampons for sport? Or can I use pads?

I have sport tomorrow morning and I got my first period yesterday…
I was just wondering, is it necessary to wear a tampon for tennis? Or can I get away with a pad? I haven’t quite figured out how to use a tampon yet 🙁 it really hurts, but i need to know how, soon! i am going on school camp soon, and there will be a swimming pool, and the camp goes for about 7 weeks.Any tips on how to use a tampon? it just doesn’t work for me yet! But this is the first period before i leave for camp! so i really need to know how to put one in now! But i am sososo confusedd! help meee!!!!!!! :'(

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269 W. Pebble Creek Ln. Orange CA. 92865

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The Yacht Club at Portofino #901

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