I currently attend High school, (Not in America)
I have always wanted to attend Harvard, or Cambridge because of the possibilities it could open up for me. I have participated in the presidential award for my country, and won all medals in that field over 5 years.
Student body, Class president, Student council and lots of other leadership roles, mainly around helping others. Also a school counsellor, dance committee, student mediator, and year book writer. Also on Board for trustees for school.
Started tutor club, and numerous other clubs school wide. 300+ volunteer hours put into helping small children, such as in kindergartens, and tutoring.
I Have scored in the top 1% For science, and top 2% for math (International Exam) for several years now. I have also achieved high distinction for other maths exam, and a economics exam prize winner.
I took all of the hardest classes possible, yet followed my passion for science, maths, economics and English. I also advanced a year or so in a few areas. I am currently the top in the year.
Best scores for a national exam: Scored 45/45 for math, 43/45 for English, and 45/45 for science
Top marks in school, a top student. All A's (Equivalent of what our country has) in all subjects.
Numerous top awards in problem solving, maths competitions etc. Done math olympaid. I was also in the finalist exam for one of them.
Working in a bank, starting at 15 years old . (I have a few contacts), I have also attended a few university level law & politics meetings, through my sister.
Part of numerous gifted clubs, extension classes. Captain of maths team, several years in a row, numerous placing.
Play badminton, cricket, swimming and table tennis, represented school in all of them, and placed.
I came first in my first international physics tournament at 15, now won two of them for my country
Highly fluent in Chinese, English and also took Japanese for 3 years.
Know several computing languages fluently, I write my own programs using, c, java and C++.
All my teachers love me. I forgot what my other achievements were, but I have a list somewhere 🙂
(Sorry, but I cannot list stuff like sat or gpa, because our country doesn't have them.
I can also get great letters of recommendations from teachers. I am highly passionate about
Can I get into Harvard, I know I am only 16 right now, but I really want to hear from you guys. Thanks. (If not, what can I do to raise my odds.)

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I was at my school playing table tennis and the caretaker locked the school and the police came?

Asked: I was at my school playing table tennis and the caretaker locked the school and the police came?

I was playing table tennis with a friend outside my school and then the caretaker left and locked up the school so then for some reason the police came (2 of them) and they said an alarm went off and they asked me why I was there (outside the school playing) and took my name and address. What's happening???? I'm only 16

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Lower back pain travelling upwards?

Asked: Lower back pain travelling upwards?

I have lower back pain, pushing a wheel barrow hurts, just moving to play table tennis hurts abit, walking normally doesn't hurt too much but I nearly always "feel" it. Bearing in mind I am only 20 & been seeking ways via doctor to help my back (as having slightly bad posture actually eases the pain), I think its pritty bad I am having pain so early.

I went to the doctor – who seemed more interested in talking about the football rather than anything else :/
He said I need physio, but because I am working all around I cannot be in the same place for long so I kindly rejected physio & just asked for some simple exercises.

Exercises have not helped, got a work colleagues lower back exercises aswell, which actually made the pain more profound.

I feel the muscles in my back tightening but when I bend backwards the pain travels up my back & constantly stays in the middle. Then when I resume good posture I have profound lower back pain. Not intense, just painful. I rolled up a towel and put in in the arch in my back last night when I went to bed. This became painful straight away, very uncomfortable pain & I could not sleep with the pain so I took it away. I always seem to wake up on my side.

Would this make me more likely to break/fracture vertebrae? – what are ways that this could happen
So that I can put control measures in place & also talk to my boss about it


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Georgia Tech long essay?

Asked: Georgia Tech long essay?

Here's the prompt: 2.You are about to write your future roommate a letter. Please provide the roommate with a personal story that will give him/her some insight into your personality.

Dear Future Roommate,
Hi, my name is Srivatsav Tangirala, and Im going to be your new roommate next year. You can call me Sri for short because a lot of people cant pronounce my name correctly. First, Im excited to meet you and looking forward to having you as a roommate. Second, I would like to tell you a personal story about my journey to becoming one of the strongest table tennis players this nation has ever produced. Playing table tennis brought about many changes in my personality such as making me more self-confident, mature, and determined to succeed in life.
I was ten years old when I started playing table tennis. Prior to that, I was a totally inactive and lethargic kid, and more importantly, I suffered from obesity. My BMI remained around an unhealthy 30, where 24 is the cutoff for healthy weight. My parents started to worry about my health and looked for sports that would suit me. After ruling out contact sports, my dad went to a community center and saw some adults playing table tennis. He was enthralled by the dedication they put into hitting countless shots. He decided this was the perfect sport for me to excel in.
My first class started in the September of 2005, but instead of instantly falling in love with the sport, I dreaded the classes that my coach taught me. I struggled every second trying to master the perfect shot, and it took me several months to master the basic forehand stroke and another couple of months to master the backhand stroke. I merely played just to keep my parents happy, not noticing the potential benefits in the sport. On the positive side, I lost nearly half the fat I had when I started playing this sport. By 2007, exasperated by the sports nuances, I wanted to quit table tennis, but soon a sequence of events changed my view of the sport completely.
It was the summer of 2007 during a trip to India. After dropping my older cousin at college, I saw a group of players from the Indian National Table Tennis Team practicing. Enthralled by their techniques, I started to fantasize about developing the same level of skill. I started to take a renewed interest in the sport, and when I returned home, I started to train more seriously. I played increasingly more tournaments and achieved very good results. After devoting almost three and a half hours to table tennis every single day, I improved dramatically. I also underwent a radical transformation from a lethargic and overweight kid to an active and muscular athlete.
Two years after I started to take table tennis seriously, I faced the most heartbreaking moment of my life. On the way home from a training session, my mom and I were involved in a car accident. Although my mom escaped with no injuries, I wasnt so lucky. I suffered a severe knee injury, which damaged my right knee cap, and I had to undergo knee surgery. While enduring post-surgery pain for almost two months, I kept fighting to stay in shape for the National Championships in December of that year. I had to reduce the length of my training sessions by half to help prevent future injuries. However, during all that time, I gave my complete all. My coach (the coach of the U.S. mens national team) dubbed me as the fighter of the club because of the dedication I showed. At the U.S. Nationals, I finished in the top 16 for someone who had trained so little especially due to the limiting training opportunities I had.
During 2010 and 2011, I played many tournaments in preparation for the U.S. Open, wanting to win every tournament that I could. Although I was disappointed to only finish in the top 128 in the 2010 U.S. Open, I redeemed myself in the 2011 U.S. Open, the best tournament of my life so far. I finished in the top 32, losing to a player from China. Although I lost the match, I won two sets, matching his level in technique and mentality. In the end, I walked away with pride, which I continue to feel to this day.
After going through so much in the last eight years of my life, I can only dream of what Georgia Tech may offer in the coming years. Im so excited to have you as a roommate, and I hope you are just as excited as I am to attend this university.

I am just wondering if my essay sounds either really cocky, over the top, or just fine with confidence.
Also, if I am bragging too much about my accomplishments.

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Are there any ways to gain fat?

Asked: Are there any ways to gain fat?

I am a 13 year old guy and I need to gain fat to grow tall. Right now, I am 44 kg and 164 cm so I need to gain at least 5 kg. I do a lot of physical activities (I did professional swimming for my school – school representative, tennis representative, table tennis representative, and badminton representative). I also did a variety of sports when I was young (soccer, baseball, kickball etc…). I eat A LOT (the most among my friends) but I just can't seem to gain fat. PLEASE HELP!

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