Clay or Grass

‘Battle of the Surfaces’ was a tennis exhibition match that took place in the summer of 2007. It featured the top two players in the world, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal,and was played in Nadal’s home country of Mallorca (an island just off the Spanish coast). The main attraction at the match was the court; half of which was grass, half of which was clay. 


In their careers and during their rivalry, both Federer and Nadal had established supremacy on one surface. Federer, the king of Wimbledon, was considered the best grass court player of all time. Nadal, his rival, had earned the nickname the ‘king of clay’. The match was billed as the final reckoning with the two-surfaced court deciding once and for all who the king of the overall game of tennis was. 


The players alternated between the grass and clay sides of the court during the match. Across the match, Federer won roughly as many points while playing on the grass side as he did on the clay side. However, the deciding factor was to be Nadal’s superior clay court game, where he won more points on Federer’s serve. This, along with a high ability on the grass side, handed Nadal the overall victory in the match. 


The match lead pundits to surmise that while Federer was superior on grass and Nadal was superior on clay, Nadal was the stronger of the two on his weaker surface (in this case, grass) than Federer was on the clay. 

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Party ideas for triplets?

Asked: Party ideas for triplets?

Turning 4 in February
Two boys, one girl
We want to have the party around March (we live in Miami – It will be hot)
We would like to have in the backyard (Patio, pool, hot tub, sauna, tennis court, large grass lawn, etc.)
We are expecting to invite 50-60 guests, a mix of children and adults
No limit on cost as of now

When is the best time of day for this type of party?
Suggestions for food, games, party favors etc. are greatly appreciated! Suggestion to keep adults entertained
Do's and Don'ts for birthday parties are also needed!
Thank you in advance!

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Could I use a badminton net for a half-size tennis court?

Asked: Could I use a badminton net for a half-size tennis court?

I have a half-size tennis court at one of my properties, but no net. The posts are there to put the net up. I am having trouble finding a 6m tennis net, although there are a lot that come with the poles to stand up, I just need the net… I can see badminton nets for sale and these are 6m. Would they be suitable to use? I dont really care if it isnt proper just that it attaches alright. I rent my place out to holiday makers and they keep asking me where the net is : /

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Kuya Louie – Di Maka-Labas!

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Rules of Photography: Public space that’s open versus Public space that’s closed.?

Asked: Rules of Photography: Public space that’s open versus Public space that’s closed.?

How do the rules of photography apply in a public park with open space (for soccer, but still has like a basketball court, tennis court, playground) versus a public park that's STILL a park but there's a zoo that's practically NEXT to a playground where are there are little kids around? I'm hesitant to take photos without permission in parks because I'm afraid someone will come up and assault me or something. I would like to try street photography and photographing people. I am an amateur photographer. Please reply. I would really like to hear an answer.

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