A Tennis Ball Machines allows You to Practice without a Coach.

Whatever the level of player you are, buying a tennis ball machine is an investment you should undertake as it enables you to practice without the need for a professional trainer (coach).

However, it is very important that you make the best choice if you want to enjoy your drilling or if you are just taking some strokes when no one is around. The versatility of tennis ball machines has been made more pronounced with the modern technology and hence the variables in programming them is virtually endless.

Before buying these machines, you need to consider the following things.
1. Budget

Buying a tennis ball machine can be quite challenging investment given that most of these machines are very expensive. In most cases, their prices can range from moderately expensive to quite expensive. Consider buying a model that fits into you budget, especially if you are buying for your personal use.

2. Power

This is one of the most important considerations you should put into account before buying tennis ball machines. Majority of these machines are designed to be powered by batteries because some tennis courts do not have a power outlet. Unfortunately, some batteries are designed to power the machine for just a few hours while others can provide power for up to eight hours. If you intend on using the machine in a court without a power outlet, then buying a portable one that is powered by batteries would be a prudent idea. Similarly, buying a tennis ball machine without a battery is the best option if your tennis court has a power outlet.
Lobster Elite Grand V Tennis Ball Machine

3. Control

Control is basically the heart of every machine and tennis ball machines are no exception. For instance, you may consider buying a design you can control remotely if you will be alone. If you cannot find such a machine that uses a remote control, then you can opt to buy them as accessories.
4. Oscillation

A machine with an oscillation feature has the ability to shoot the ball in different directions and some also have the ability to place shots randomly. You should therefore consider buying a machine with good oscillation features if you want to practice anticipating shots. Ideally, such machines are more suitable for intermediate and advanced tennis players. Also, consider buying a machine you can program its shot placement.
5. Capacity

Capacity plays a big key role in helping you decide on the design tennis ball machine to buy. These machines can hold as much as 300 tennis balls and as few as 30. If you want to practice without any interruptions, then it is worth considering the machine with a higher capacity even though such a machine would be so cumbersome to move around with. On the other hand, a low capacity tennis ball machine is lighter and hence it’s much easier to move around.


These are just a few things you should consider before buying tennis ball machines. For the best results, you can use your machine in conjunction with guidance from a professional coach if you want to improve your game rapidly. You can browse through some models available online before making your choice.

In terms of sport, what the English are best at is criticising their own stars – True or false?

I ask this in the aftermath of the England football result last week, as well as a general, ever-present issue in the UK media.

Allow me to quote a passage from the sports biography ‘The Rivals: Chris Evert versus Martina Navratilova’. The passage concerns seventies British tennis player John Lloyd, who was one in a very long line of British men vilified for not winning the Wimbledon Championships:

"When it comes to self-mockery or artful dissection of one’s own sportsmen, the English are unparallelled; they’ve made eating their children a highly stylised parlour game. They excel at self-flagellation and deep contemplation on big themes such as what English tennis players (or soccer stars, or cricketers…) reveal about the national character. A tepid adjective is never used when a hyperbolic one will do. Losses aren’t just disappointing – they’re disastrous, mortifying, unconscionable!"

Sorry for the ‘read-with-mother’ routine, but I thought this paragraph summed it up. Even Welsh and Scottish sport-stars are valued by their fellow countrymen when they lose, without the fanfare and condemnation displayed by us English.

Why exactly do the public and press have this inherent belief that England should be the best at tennis, football, cricket? And why do we (yes, I have done it too) slag off our sporting heroes when they cannot win the biggest trophies?

Probability Theory and Math Statistics?

Asked: Probability Theory and Math Statistics?

I'm having a little trouble with some problems from this class.Does anyone know of good sites that could help me figure out these two problems?

Step-by-step help would be wonderful, as well.The more detail the better!

1. A point (x,y) is to be selected from the square S containing all points (x,y) such that:
0<=x<=1 and 0<=y<=1.
Suppose that the probability that the selected point will belong to any specified subset of S is equal to the area of that subset.Find the probability of the following subsets:
(a) the subset of points such that (x-1/2)^2 + (y-1/2)^2 >= 1/4
(b) the subset of points such that 1/2 < x + y < 3/2
(c) the subset of points such that y <= 1-x^2
(d) the subset of points such that x=y

2. Suppose that n tennis players are entered in a tournament.In the first round, the players are paired one against another at random.The loser in each pair is eliminated from the tournament, and the winner in each pair continues onto the second round.

If the number of n players is odd, then one player is chosen at random before the pairings are made for the first round ,and he automatically continues to the second round.

All the players in the second round are then paired at random.Again, the loser in each pair is eliminated, and the winner in each pair continues to the third round.If there are an odd number of players in the second round, then one of these players is chosen at random before the others are paired, and he automatically continues to the third round.

The tournament continues in this way until only two players remain in the final round.They they play against each other, and the winner of this match is the winner of the tournament.

(We shall assume that all n players are of equal ability.)

Determine the probability, p, that two specific players, A and B, will play against each other during the tournament.

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RAF Halton courts NATO’s finest players 28.09.12

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This is a good conditing drill for tennis?

Asked: This is a good conditing drill for tennis?

I wake up at 530am run two miles sprint the last 30 seconds for each one….then around 630pm I run sprints…I won 8 sets of 10 seconds sprints all out my fastest…I take a 30 second brake in between each sprint where I jog do a little bounces..is it good? What can I add or drop??? Please good advice tennis players out here on yahoo thanks 😉

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