which tennis racket should I buy?

i have an £80 voucher for this website http://www.prodirecttennis.com/deptHome.asp?depthome=rackets and want a new tennis racket. I am 14 and am currently using a £40 dunlop evo. Which racket do you suggest?
I would be willing to pay some extra of my own money if there was a good racket slightly more than £80

what tennis racket should i buy?

Asked: what tennis racket should i buy?

Im an intermediate tennis player and I'm currently using a cheap
head ti radical elite. I would like to upgrade now, but not sure what
racket to buy. I'm looking for something similiar to what I have right
now, but something different is fine. The rackets that I am looking at right
now are: Prince o3 red, Babolat Drive Z 105, Head Microgel radical OS.
I'm completely open to suggestions, but please keep it under 100$

thanks in advance!

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my father was assaulted.. need advice. please.?

Asked: my father was assaulted.. need advice. please.?

4 weeks ago, my father was assaulted while playing tennis by his partner. This man has played doubles tennis with him before and other members of the tennis club. No one really likes him nor do they like playing with him because of his attitude and his temper. He has had many reports filled on him to the club president regarding his demeanor, both on and off the courts. Nothing was ever done.. Until Monday August 6…. On that night I almost lost my father.
As I said, my father had been paired with him on that night and they began to play. My father was recovering from the flu , and a bit sluggish. The other man became enraged at himself because he – not my father missed his own serve. He then began shouting and cussing, and slamming his tennis racket into the net and ground.
The team advised him to calm down and that it was only a game. He became even angrier.
My father then walked away stating that it was not worth playing if he was acting out like this, ruining the game for everyone, including those in other courts.
This enraged him and he began to walk to my father. He got up to my fathers face, to confront him, started grappling andmy father pushed him away and then again my father walked away. He then jumped on my father, from behind, putting my in a death grip choke hold with his other arm holding the other locked in.Within seconds my father was in the ground, losing air and consciousness.
I should stop here for a bit of an explanation. My father is no small man. He is almost 200 lbs of muscle. He is in excellent health, (66 years old) plays tennis 2-4 times a week and very rarely gets ill. – so.. How did this 5'6pudgy man take down my dad? He is an ex marine. He knows how to kill. He is trained to kill with his bare hands and do so quickly.
My father blacked out, the man had him not only in a choke hold but his knee was on my fathers spine, pinning him to the ground.
It took 3 people, one of which was also strangling this man to release my father to get him to stop trying to kill my father.
The ambulance was called, my father was taken to the hospital, but the man was not arrested my father was taken and monitored for 2 days for chest pains and contusions and everything else. he was asked if he wanted to press charges my father was so out of it from being with lack of air he said he wasn't sure thing man was not arrested the next day when he was released he said he wanted to press charges and we went to the police station to do so. we were advised by the police that this was only a battery case and he would probably only get probation. no jail time no nothing . this man is a danger to himself and everyone else.He is a white supremist, ex Marine and we are scared of what this man is capable of doing. he has no remorse. he tried to kill my father he was not going to stop. if he would have had the right mind to stop it would not have taken 3 men to pull him off of my father, he was turning blue!!!!. he is violent , volatile , very hostile and angry. he likes to race cars and shoot weapons.
what I am asking is what can be done. We already have a restraining order and the DA says that this only a battery case.I have already spoken to the DA, and the detective on our case, but they seem to have no information.
I took pictures of my father's injuries, as well as witness statements and character witness statements. I also have a copy of the medical and EMS records, now, all of this was given yesterday to the detectives. Why are they not charging the man with more than battery? had it not been for the others, my father would have been worse off. I need some help here on how better to help my father in this matter, and how to steer the DA and the detectives to arrest this man and charge him with something stronger than battery…. (by the way.. it seems like I am doing the job FOR the detective,,, ??? isnt HE hired to gather all the information, like the witness and the like??)
thank you

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Is it possible to receive brain damage from being whacked on the head from a tennis racket?

Asked: Is it possible to receive brain damage from being whacked on the head from a tennis racket?

I was hit really hard a couple months ago around November, and have been a little worried since then. I feel like I am slower at thinking, sometimes forget things I said the day before, and have more headaches, which one site said were secondary symptoms. Is my brain damaged?

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