Could i be a scene girl!!!?

Asked: Could i be a scene girl!!!?

hi i was thinking about becoming a scene becuz its fits with my personality, i wear highlights, eyeshadow, lipgloss, i CANT live without my music or ill die( rap and rock) i like sports: varsity basketball, volleyball and regular tennis, and track. i also do a little skateboarding everyonce in a while, i am 5'9 so wear mostly flats, like converse, vans, nikes, i want to get a belly piercing and lip piercing when im 15 or 16 (im 14 turning 15 in about 2 months) and i have facebook:) an a lot guys flirt with me but i wish i could be with a scene guy. they are hot:)

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My dad forcing me to do tennis?

Asked: My dad forcing me to do tennis?

He forced me to do tennis, when I get a computer, how did the computer come? Here's the story : I have to be 1st,2nd, or 3rd rank on my class.well, since I NEVER got a rank,I am happy to got 2nd, he brought me a computer ! But, when he bought it for me, he says you have to do tennis, and biking .my mood drops down. I already said thousand times before that , I said "I don't want to do tennis.", actually I want to say ice skating, since I like it better, but 1 year ago the ice skating place is demolished, and that's the only skating place ! I like ice skating, even I got invited for some competitions (well I say no).its like 2 years ice skating, and when the place is gone. I was like what the hell D:, okay, back to the tennis, my mother showed up and then she told me to go swimming if you don't want to do tennis.God, I think my dad never told me to get computer , I have to do tennis? Then when I ask him why should I do tennis, he says , "well actually I said 1st 2nd or 3rd for THE NEXT EXAM.I'm so frustated!he didn't told me..I didn't like swimming he says, "well you have to do tennis and biking.".when I said no, he gets angry , and he says if I don't want to do tennis, he will get my computer.POW! That's the most scary answer that I imagine that, now I have to do tennis.that's too bad.I'm too scared to let my computer go, since I got a really bad computer before this one..I really liked this one, usually I played sims 3 in a slooooow fps, and now its very smooth and clear!and it have to be gone?well, I can't do that..he forced me that much, I cannot say no to him, I wish the skating place still exist.!guys, HELP. I don't want to do tennis for my entire school life!its so bad that I can't imagine how bad it is to do it for just 1 time, I already told him I didn't like tennis!why did he forced me ?

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A question about Height growth in male?

Asked: A question about Height growth in male?

I'm 18, 5.4f(165cm) now, My father and I are of same height now, but I've a elder brother who is 5'11f and he is 24, so is it possible for me to grow like him? He was 5.4f when he was at my age, but after 19 and before 21 he grown so fast. He didn't take Growth hormore or any medicine for growth, but he started playing tennis at 17, But I didn't start yet! So Can I grow his height ? or at-least 10-12cm more than now? My bro told me that boys can grow till 23. So please tell me some exercise or ways to grow? and once I went for volleyball practice and I noticed that I've grown around 4cm in 3months, but later stopped due to studies and now I'm wondering if the volleyball helped me to grow or the jumping and stretching exercise I did everyday before and after practice did that. So Please tell me some ways to grow, ready to do any exercise. My bro is teasing me and I want to reach his height

& sorry for bad english

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Who likes dance, cheerleading, figure skating, or gymnastics?

Asked: Who likes dance, cheerleading, figure skating, or gymnastics?

I know most girls love sports like these, but half the time they will end up turning your kid into a bully. The problem with these sports is that they require a beautiful appearance for performances, competitions, etc. When girls are so used to being so pretty, they will judge other girls on their appearance. For example, the student council president at my school? A cheerleader. The girl who bullied me last year? A dancer and a former ice skater. Her side kick? A gymnast. I hope you realize that these are not good sports to put your girls into. Try volleyball, soccer, tennis, martial arts, or even basketball. They are all true team building sports that do not require good appearances. So below, tell me if you like dance, cheerleading, figure skating, or gymnastics, but then think again if you said yes. I'm not trying to kill these sports, but to make you aware that this COULD happen. I'm not saying it happens to everyone, just most. So be careful in choosing your sports. Thank you.

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I Start High school In september , Any Tips and advice?

Asked: I Start High school In september , Any Tips and advice?

I'm 14 and I'm gonna be going to high school in september. School Initially started Monday but I can't go to 9th grade yet because I'm behind a couple credits. So anyway , I'm so excited to go. Do you guys have any tips and advice bout high school? What was your expericence like? Share your stories. I'm really upset I won't be able to start with everyone else. Usually the first month is when people get to know eachother and choose their friends. So when I go people are gonna already have friends. I'm not gonna no anyone. & the people from middle school I knew who go there are fake or aren't good friends. They're gonna try & talk to me. So on my first day who do I sit with at lunch? I don't wanna sit by myself? Or with them? & another question , I wanna start wearing makeup. I have A LOT of it to. But the thing is I don't wanna go there and look silly if it makeup dpesn't look right. So do u guys have any tips about that to? One more , When I go to high school I wanna be more outgoing and talkative. I'm already like that but like a cute boy is trying to talk to me I'll be acting all weird & shy. & most likely ruin whatever chance I had with them. But I feel comfortable around girls , & my friends… I had drama class in 8th grade and when I was called up to do acting or something infront of the class I acted shy. But I know that's not me. So how do I push myself be more outgoing & make more friends? I also wanted to try out for volleyball & tennis. But I was cared about being the biggest girl on the team. I am big as in chubby I guess. Not obese though! & I've never played before so I was nervous about that. But I wanna push myself to do better thingd & be outgoing. So how do I get rid of My nervousness about that? Advice please! 🙂

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