possible tennis elbow?

im not sure if i have tennis elbow or not, but here are my symptoms:

pain on the outer side of my arm- the part between the shoulder and elbow.

it runs only on the outside of it and sometimes around the elbow.

i do have pain lifting objects sometimes. however, if i take a break from tennis for about a day or 2, it goes away, but will come back if i start hitting too much.

i have 16’s pro hurricane tour for mains, and VS gut for crosses, but before my strings broke and the injury started happening, i had 17’s pro hurricane tour and VS gut. (which seemed to serve me well for about 6 months-ish at 60 lbs/58 lbs)

both times i had the tension at 60/58, and one more time with the 16’s again i had 58/58.

i believe that the pain will go away if i switch back to 17 pro hurricane tour 60 lbs. with 16 VS gut 58 lbs. however, i want to make sure the injury goes away before i hit again.

so do i have tennis elbow, and if so, what is the best way to treat it?
also, i’ve only had it for the past 2 weeks, on and off, so not too far into the problem yet.

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Wilson BLX Pro Open Tennis Racquet Review

Replacing the K Factor KPro Open, the BLX Pro Open is the latest innovation by Wilson. The Wilson Pro Family has long been a favorite of aggressive players who like to swing hard and hit with heavy spin. The addition of Basalt fibers into the graphite matrix via BLX Technology are designed to enhance the feel by eliminating unwanted vibration. The BLX Pro Open is a solid performing from all around the court.
The variable beam shape and thickness allows for a unique combination of properties. The thinner, rounded beam in the throat helps to provide a bit more feel and ball speed, while the thicker beam at the sides of the head help provide stability and power. The racquet plays great from the baseline, while the open string pattern helps to create a lot of spin on ground strokes and serves. The racquet is a solid performer around the court, and really shines with its combination of control and power.
Golfers say:
I’ve enjoyed playing with Yonex tennis racquets for the past decade, but when a friend of mine let me try his new Wilson BLX Pro Open, I didn’t want to give it back, this racquet is excellent.
I just got through hitting with this stick on the ball machine. It feels really good in the hand and is extremely maneuverable. The racquet really stood out in volleys and serves. My only complaint is I wish it was just a little bit heavier which I’m sure is a common complaint.
I really enjoyed this racquet. It’s light enough to whip around quickly to generate topspin, slice or drive the ball flat and deep. Solid at the net as well as on serve.
I chose this stick thinking to my elbow and I was right. It’s easy to play every stroke, comfortable, great control, too much power so you need to spin a little to put the ball in the court.
Excellent racquet and excellent feel. Great control at net. Add Babolat natural gut VS to get the best of the racquet.
I tried this racquet out today during a clinic at my local club. The first thing I noticed was the feel.
Hitting drop shots or angled volleys were incredible.
The flex of the racquet was perfect at 66.
I also loved hitting slice and kick serves. You can really “feel” the ball when you strike it. I was hitting great groundstrokes, but where this racquet really shines is at the net. I was able to knock off volleys that usually I wouldn’t be able to hit to save my life.
This racquet is similar to the Babolat aeropro drive cortex, but this Wilson racquet has way better feel. Awesome racquet!!