Tampons for sport? Or can I use pads?

Asked: Tampons for sport? Or can I use pads?

I have sport tomorrow morning and I got my first period yesterday…
I was just wondering, is it necessary to wear a tampon for tennis? Or can I get away with a pad? I haven’t quite figured out how to use a tampon yet 🙁 it really hurts, but i need to know how, soon! i am going on school camp soon, and there will be a swimming pool, and the camp goes for about 7 weeks.Any tips on how to use a tampon? it just doesn’t work for me yet! But this is the first period before i leave for camp! so i really need to know how to put one in now! But i am sososo confusedd! help meee!!!!!!! :'(


Aww haha its ok don’t worry! This a little bit scary for anyone! For tennis I think you can get away with using a pad and even at cap also but if you do want to use a tampon i will list a website below. But their are other websites and even videos to help you. Also talk to your mom she will help i’m sure. Make sure you are relaxed! You will get used to it.:)


You can use a pad for all sports apart from swimming. So Tennis tomorrow you can get away with wearing a pad and if your super lucky your period won’t be on time next month so you won’t have it for camp.

If you do you will need a tampon. Best way to insert a tampon for me(i learned this way) is to stand up and put one foot on top of the toilet seat- it gets the angle right for insertion. Next wet the tip of the tampon you can use a lube or a bit of spit is fine as well- just something to help get it in. Make sure you are using the smallest tampons you can and also make sure they have a plastic applicator as they are the easiest to insert. When you put the applicator in make sure your aiming on an angle more towards your back rather then straight up. Put the whole first part of the applicator in- the part that holds a tampon and but not the plunger bit. After the whole first part of the applicator is in then plunge the tampon in- this will make it go in the right place so when you take the applicator out and start moving around you shouldn’t be able to feel the tampon.

It takes awhile to learn so every time you have a period practice putting one in, you could try one everyday while on your period to try and learn in time for your camp. Make sure you leave it in for long enough 4-6 hours depending on how heavy your flow is- if you try and take it out too early it will hurt. But don’t leave one in longer then 8 hours as you can develop Toxic Shock Syndrome from wearing a tampon to long.

Good luck, hope I helped you 🙂


you can use a pad. Get one with wings and are slim so it doesn’t bunch up and be useless. If you use tampons you’ll need to change them more often if you’re doing sports, especially on the first couple of days, so every 3 hours or if you start to feel it. If you feel it then it means it’s full.

To use a tampon – relax. Don’t be standing up. exhale and insert. Straight up, don’t jam the sides of yourself. Just go with how it feels, and if you’re actually on your period it’s a lot easier than if you’re trying to practice when you’re not on it. Squatting or sitting on the toilet with your legs fully spread are the easiest ways. Keep inserting further until you don’t feel it anymore. Stand up and close your legs, and if you can feel it, then push it further up. Relax. You’ll be fine. We all had our first time and it’s really not hard once you actually do it.


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